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  1. I believe that ACPI kernel panics are CPU related.... but in this case, I'm not entirely sure. anyone?
  2. @CPUCooker, try booting with cpus=1 @undefined, I believe the newer ACPI kext don't support PS/2 Keyboard/mouse, so you need to use an old one or a modded version of the new one.
  3. Hey guys... I just decided to check in =P undefined pointed to the right link... I believe my post (and his post with the modded BIOS file) are both in the first 2 or 3 pages. Hope it helps. @saintckm: I don't know much about which wireless chipset works... all I know is that Zydas 1211B is supported by Zydas of OS X, but it is not recognized as airport. I have to run a small Zydas app to connect to wifi networks. cheers, Ant
  4. see 2 posts above you, or 1 post below you @All: As you may have noticed in my signature, please do NOT send me private messages about your laptop. I'd love to help you, but I simply don't have the time to give individual instructions to every single person who asks me personally for help, especially for things heavily discussed already, or special cases dealing with laptops I don't have. It would be a LOT more convenient if people read the guide, and posted on the thread if they encounter any problems. It doesn't matter if you don't read all 19 pages of the thread, it is perfectly understandable. My Inbox is now FULL. I do not plan on cleaning it out any time soon, but I would be happy to help you out on the forum, or try to. Sorry for any inconveniences. @undefined: this is for ALC660-VD, correct? I added it to the guide You know my email if there are anything comes up and I'm outdated
  5. If your sound card is ALC660-VD, then there is no current solution (correct me I am mistaken)
  6. I'm not entirely sure how to set up the ethernet thing... I just played around with settings a lot. Try asking on the ethernet drivers thread. There's a zydas driver (look for it on the zydas website) available for their chipset. Good luck!
  7. @saintckm: I have no idea about 10.5.4... my system is still at 10.5.2 AppleAzalia allows speaker out ONLY... for line out you need ALC drivers. @lollone90: try this: delete all ethernet connections in the system preferences, delete AttansicL1Ethernet.kext, and reboot with -f -v flags (using F8 at startup). Then install the kext file again (non-debug version), and reboot using -f -v flags. HOPEFULLY that will work for you. I don't know anything about the Edimax EW watever... but you need something with the Zydas 1211B chipset (or the realtek or w/e... I heard it's not as good). Look around on ebay for "Zydas", should be easy to find (costed me ~$15 w/ shipping) I dont know much about my wireless USB dongle beyond the fact that it's a Zydas chipset dongle (thats wat it was identified as on ebay... and it worked =P) good luck
  8. OS X will boot using mach_kernel in root, unless you specify another file, by typing "mach_kernel.backup" (without quotes) when booting up.
  9. mach_kernel goes in root. just type mach_kernel.backup when booting up (using F8), and it should work. @lollone90: any luck with ethernet drivers? try playing around with system settings in the internet part, add/delete connections, etc.
  10. Did you restart your computer with the -f -v flags? If so, try playing around with network settings in system preferences... I'm not exactly sure what you need to do. Good luck
  11. If you're not sure how to install drivers, "kext helper" should help you out =) here's a link: http://www.cheetha.net/Kext_Helper/Software.html
  12. lollone90: welcome to insanelymac! the Intel 4965 AGN card drivers are still under development (don't work yet), but if you follow the link in my signature it should get you the working drivers for ethernet. for webcam, have you tried mac cam? if that doesn't work, then maybe your webcam isn't supported (like mine) =/
  13. congrats! for the CPU, are you starting with the computer plugged in to AC adapter, or just on battery? if it's just battery, it could be the speedstep kicking in when you start on battery only mode. if that's not the problem, it could be the fault of AppleSMBIOS.kext try different versions and see if that fixes anything @f3sv-something: if you're still reading, did you get your laptop working?
  14. I haven't tried Leo4Allv3 yet, so my help is limited. For "still waiting for root device", OS X cannot find the HD for whatever reason. The first thing you can try is setting ur IDE to Compatibility mode in your BIOS... or if the DVD has any SATA drivers, try those as well. This may not always work though... good luck
  15. did you try the files listed in the tutorial? booting with -v and -f clears out the kext caches, so if you made any changes it would be used during boot up. let me know if those files work for you.