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  1. I tried to copy those files where you said they should be, but I don't have 10.10 folder, just "Others" (in EFI/CLOVER). I tried to reboot it, but it still says it can't find mach_kernel. Now I installed it on that other mac partition with CLover and after that with Chameleon bootloader, and it starts the bootloader but it won't boot Yosemite. I put it in verbose mode, and in one moment it just make screen dark and thats it :/ But there is no message of missing mach_kernel anymore. EDIT: I just managed to boot to Yosemite from Clover, but only when I uncheck my Intel HD4000 from Clover Settings menu ... it is booted, but it runs slow and screen is blinking from time to time, because of Intel HD4000 disabled ... is there a way to solve this problem? If I try to boot with HD4000 enabled, the screen just goes dark after few verbose mode screen messages.
  2. But I don't have 10.11, I have 10.10.1 ... will this work for it, too? Is it wnough just to paste or should I install it through Kext Utility? I manage to install 10.8.2 on second Mac partition, so it would be possible to install it on Yosemite partition by Kext Utility tnx
  3. Hi, I had great working dual-boot with WIndows10 and Yosemite (10.10.1 from YosemiteZone installation). I had a problem with Yosemite because it wouldn't boot from HDD, but it wanted installation USB inserted, and only in that way it would start boot menu where I could select Yosemite partition and after that it would start it and worked great. If I didn't insert USB it would boot in Win10, without any boot options offered. My problem began yesterday - I bought SSD, installed Windows10 on it, and I put my old HDD in rack with 2 partitions I use as "windows data partitions" and 2 partitions as "mac partitions" (one has installed Yosemite on it, the other one is for experimenting with updates, so I could make backup on it). Now when I connect it as external HDD through USB and select to boot first from USB I get error message that USB doesn't have OS installed on it (and, as I said, it HAS Yosemite on one of it's partitions). If I put Yosemite installation USB too, system doesn't recognize it at all if both, external HDD and installation USB, are inserted, it always try to start from external HDD and can't find installed Yosemite on it. If I try to boot just with Yosemite installation USB, and with externall HDD unpluged, it offers me to start setup from USB or to start Windows10 from SSD, and doesn't change when I plug-in external HDD during that screen. But if I start installation process from there it sees my Yosemite external HDD partition as available for Yosemite to install on. Is there any way to boot my Yosemite from external HDD or it would be necessary to take a part of internal SSD as "system partition" and install Yosemite there, and to use external HDD partition as "data partition"? EDIT: I just tried to boot from old iATKOS ML2 (10.8.2) DVD ... it started bootloader, there it sees all the drives (SSD, HDD with Yosemite partition, installation USB) but when I try to select my HDD Yosemite partition or installation USB I get the message "Can't find /mach_kernel", and that's it
  4. iAtkos Maverick on DELL Inspiron

    Ok, thanks I have experience with making bootable usb, and some tweaks with Hackintosh installation, but I'll surely try both options )
  5. iAtkos Maverick on DELL Inspiron

    @Allan @ PimentelX86 thanks guys for help! I tried to find free version, but at the end I bought this piece of sh... I'll be glad to install some other version, I also got help last time I installed 10.8.2 here and it worked for me. I'll tried these files during weekend and post here if it worked or if I need some help with some of those. Thanks one more time!
  6. Hi all, I'm having problems with installation of Maverick. I bought a copy from iAtkos, payed it 10$, got the copy compatible with my DELL Inspiron PC, on wich I already have iAtkos 10.8.2 that runs nice. I done all the installation things, and my problem is at first start of newly installed Maverick. I tried all the options with -v, -f, -x, Graphics Enabler=No, and whatever I do I get this screen that I attached to this post. Can anyone help? I tried to send email to iAtkos, I sent maybe 4-5 copies, but he doesn't answer. I tried to ask on his forum, but the send activation mail system there is messed up, so I cant activate my account so I can't login ... In one word - any help from iAtkos with the installation of Maverick that you pay for is NONE! I have 3 partitions on my HDD - one for Mac 10.8.2 installed, the otherone with Windows 7, and third is the partition I try to install Maverick on, prepared for this OS as it is written in every tutorial. The other thing is that some options are "grayed out" in Customize section during installation, because he thought that those won't be needed for my PC, but he wasn't right. I learned one thing from this - don't buy ANYTHING from iAtkos ... but, since I already bought this, can anybody help, please?
  7. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    (( and would it work if I would buy USB anthena for wireless? I would like to buy this USB Wi-Fi, because it is small and wouldn't interfere with using my laptop. Sorry it is on Serbian, but lower on the page where specifications are located I think it is understandable enough http://www.tehnomanija.rs/adapteri_587/tp-link-bezicni-usb-adapter-tl-wn723n.html I found this link about it http://www.osx86.net/files/file/744-tp-link-tl-wn723n-mountainlion/ saying that it is working on hackintosh, but I would like to ask one more time, here too, is this supported on Hackintosh? I have installed Mountain Lion (iAtkos ML2 - 10.8.2).
  8. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    I somehow managed to install 10.8.2 and everything seems to be working BUT internet. Is there any way to make dell wireless 1703 card work?? Any kext or pkg for it?
  9. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    I didn't have luck .... again My BIOS doesn't have options for disableing integrated graphics nor nVidia, neither option to specify how many MB I wanto to give to HD4000 I don't know how this is possible, but it is like that Now I'm downloading App Store untouched dmg 10.8.5 OS X from torrent, and will make bootable USB by the guide above again, hoping I'll have more luck with 10.8.5 than with 10.9 I tried and, again, no success ( I constantly get message "WARNING: IOPlatformPluginUtil : getCPUIDInfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3a", just like in my last post with bootload screenshot here Is there any kext or other way to go around this error message? I have Intel® Core™ i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz (Ivy Bridge). I tried now to edit SMBios.plist and inserted SMcputype to thevalue suggested for Ivy Bridge CPU, but no luck, again the same message. It seems that I must wait for iAtkos 10.9 release, hopping it will work
  10. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    Is it possible that 10.9 won't boot into installation, and 10.8 could boot? I am thinking to make USB bootable drive in the same way, but with 10.8, is there a chance that 10.8 might work and 10.9 doesn't? I'll try tonight with some SMBios files that some people uploaded on forums while having the same error message about unknown CPU model on Ivy Bridge, and these boot codes, hope it will work
  11. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    Again, I didn't have any luck with this Again message of unknown CPU and kernel panic Is there anyone who manage to make Hackintosh work on DELL Inspiron 3420?? Is it possible at all??
  12. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    I put these settings: The booting starts, but when it should start setup for installation process the PC just turns off Any help?
  13. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    Ok, thanks, I'll try this as soon as I get my hand on some Hackintosh and can change this parameters I enabled P and C states. Should it be just Generated or Enable C2, C3, C4 too? About disable integrated graphics (HD4000) - should I just check "Skip Intel GFX", or something more? How to use dedicated graphics (GT610M)? Is it "Use Nvidia ROM"? And one more question - about installing FakeSMC - is it just to copy FakeSMC.kext or I should do a full install of some FakeSMC.pkg file? Here are my CW configuration before these questions, with Use kernel Cache deselected:
  14. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    Done Thanks The moment of truth will happen in around 6 hours I'll report what happened. I didn't have luck again This is screen that I got this time: It looks like it is again unknown procesor ... I think I read somwhere that it don't recognize procesor as it is, but it is coded for a different procesor, and should be changed for example from 0280 to 0245, something like that, not exactlly the same numbers.
  15. DEL Inspiron 3420 Hackintosh

    I don't have Plugins folder inside Fake SMC.kext, neither in System path, neither in Extra folder For FakeSMC.kext I downloaded some folder with many .kext files in it, maybe it is the wrong one/ Can you send me link for download just FakeSMC.kext? It's ok, I found FakeSMC.kext in download section of forum, downloaded it, copied to USB, and deleted plugins folder Now, when I come home from work, in about 9 hours, I'll try install again And one more question - I combined Cameleon Wizard org.chameleon.boot.plist from tutorial and one that I got by default in Wizard. So, could you tell me if these settings are ok, or I should change some of them?