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    DisplayPort oddities

    Meanwhile I swapped my R9 280X for a Gigabyte Rev 2.0 version. But still, I can use DVI on its own. HDMI Output isn't working at all. Display Ports work, but only if one is used for a HDMI adapter. I can't use one Display Port on its own for my main monitor. Is there nobody, who can help with this? I/O Jones says all 4 connectors a detected. So where is the solution to this. Best solution would be main monitor to DP and TV to HDMI, both with Sound. I'd be thankful for every hinch.
  2. Voodoo90

    DisplayPort oddities

    Hello, I have a kinda strange problem. I am using Ozmosis and a R9 280X graphics card. So far I have used the DVI and the HDMI Out on the card. Without problems. But I wanted to enable the Sound on my monitor. And since DVI doesn't support sound, I want to connect it via DP. So I bought a DP cable. Now the strange thing. When I connect the HDMI and DP, nothing happens, I have a black screen on the monitor, only HDMI works. When I connect only the DP nothing happens, black screen. When I connect the DP and the other DP with a DP to HDMI adapter I have both screens working and I can enable the Display Port audio over the native DP cable to my monitor, but then HDMI audio ist not working anymore. I need both, they are very important. How come the DP cable only works the adapter is connected. How can I fix this? Buy a new cable? Anything else? On Windows it works just fine.
  3. Voodoo90

    Selling Hackintosh Xeon

    Im selling my almost brand new Hackintosh. Components are: CPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core E3 1230 V3 MB: GA-Z87MX-D3H Memory: 16GB Mushkin 1600MHz Dual Channel C11 GPU: XFX AMD Radeon R9 280X Black DD OC 3GB Hard Dirve: Samsung 256GB SSD, Crucial M4 128GB SSD, Samsung SPC250C HDD PSU Sharkoon Rush Power 650W Case BitFenix Phenom M Black I have MacOSX fully functional installed and it works flawlessly. The system is coming with the Snow Leopard DVD, which contains the license for Mavericks. Windows 8.1 can be pre-installed, but has to be activated with a key. I'm only selling the hardware with the OS license. No other software licenses are included. Optionally I give away all the accessories of the component as far as I still have them. Motherbord, CPU, Memory, Case and GPU are brand new. Price for the system is 1350€ + shipping. (1826$ +shipping) Location is Mannheim, Germany
  4. Voodoo90

    Verkaufe Xeon Hackintosh

    Ich verkaufe einen lückenlos funktionierenden Hackintosh CPU: Intel Xeon 1230 V3 Sockel 1150 Haswell Mainboard: Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H Speicher: 16GB Mushkin 1600MHz C11 Grafikkarte: XFX AMD Radeon R9 280X Black DD OC 3GB Festplatte: 256GB Samsung SSD, 128GB Crucial SSD, 256GB Samsung HD PSU: Sharkoon Rush Power 650W Case: BitFenix Phenom M Black Es ist Mac OSX Mavericks und Windows 8.1 installiert. Ich vergebe auch die Snow Leopard DVD, die die Mac Lizenz enthält. Win 8.1 kann auf Wunsch installiert bleibe, muss allerdings aktiviert werden. Jegliche andere Software und Lizenz ist nicht im Preis enthalten. Das BIOS ist auf dem aktuellen Stand und für MacOSX optimiert. Der Rechner bootet direkt ins Mavericks und funktioniert wie ein richtiger Mac. CPU wird als i7 erkannt, und Grafikkarte als Radeon 7970. Ich versichere aber, dass es sich um die o.g. handelt. Bis Verkauf werde ich noch weitere 8GB Speicher hinzufügen, es sind dann 16GB Ich leiste auch nach dem Kauf noch Support und stehe für sämtliche Fragen bereit. Zusätzlich bekommen Sie sämtliches Zubehör, Rechnung und Originalverpackungen, soweit vorhanden, der Einzelkomponenten. Grafikkarte, CPU, Mainboard, Gehäuse und Speicher sind so gut wie neu. Hier gibt es volle Herstellergarantie. Alles zusammen 1350€
  5. Voodoo90

    HDMI audio with ALC892

    Hello, I am using a R9 280X on my Hackintosh on an Ozmosis BIOS. I have a Realtek 892 chipset and installed the driver via #####. I used to have HDMI audio with this when I originally installed the kext. But now there is no HDMI audio anymore. Can someone help me with this. Maybe I have to install audio from scratch. But how. I can't find any original AppleHDA kext file. Thanks for help.
  6. Voodoo90

    R9 280x HDMI audio

    Hello, I switched my graphics from a gtx 460 to a R9 280x. The card is working OOB except the HDMI audio. I'm using VoodooHDA 2.8.4 and this made even the HDMI Audio from my GTX 460 work, but now it doesn't with the R9. I'm using Ozmosis and therefore no DSDT. I haven't been lucky with any guide so far. In system information it detect an audio controller from ATI and marks it as unknown device. Any help here? This is really the last thing not to work. After this everything works just fine. Thanks a lot.
  7. Voodoo90


    Hi I have a problem, I changed my SMBios to MacPro 6,1 and now nothing works anymore. On every boot I get the grey circle with the line in it instead of the apple on the white foot screen. After a while it just turns itself off. How can I change my SmBios back oder how can I recover from my Time Machine backup. I'm a bit lost at the moment. Regards
  8. Hello, I have an almost perfectly running Mavericks installation if it wasn't for the freezing issue. Mavericks appears to freeze sometimes and randomly after a few seconds, a few minutes, when I shut down or not even at all. It also freezes at some point during a time machine backup. I have no idea how to locate the error since I am not very familiar with the console and logs. I have already installed and activated the freeze fix, but I had a few freezes since. My built: i5 3750k H77-D3H Gigabyte 8 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 128SSD OSX 10.9.1 I'd be thankful for any suggestions and help. Regards