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  1. I have nearly the exact same issue. I have a BFG 9800GT 512MB w/ Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2h. Had 4 monitors: connected 2 via motherboard (vga+dvi) which displayed bootup (gray apple logo) for the first part of boot (then they stay that way), then 2 DVI driven off the 9800GT would go online and function normal during install and normal usage (1280x1024 and I think 1680x1050). When I though the Hackintosh thing was safe (aside from 2 of the 4 monitors displaying apple logo all the time) working for about a week with IOS 10.9: Logitech USB cam worked, mail, virtual box/win7, 3TB drive + other sizes, dual booting to windows, audio, sleep, ethernet, time machine, etc, I went out a bought a Asus MX279 27" since I was going from 4 to 2 monitors. It only takes HDMI so I used a DVI to HDMI adapter. Pretty much no matter what, when I have the MX279 plugged in I can't boot correctly. Monitor is essentially "no signal". I've tried a bunch of things so far: * Mavericks and Mountain Lion (since people were saying better multi-monitor support * Messed w/ my bios setting to enable/disable onboard video, disabled as much as I could * GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No * safe mode (-x) * vesa graphics modes: Graphics Mode: 1280x1024x16, 1280x800x32, and a handful of others * occasionally w/ safe mode I had no video but the system was online. I was able to SSH into the box and tweak things and clear cache. Thinking because the MX279 wants 1920x1080 or some general incompatibility somewhere. Wondering if I need to get a more supported video card. Any suggestions? This is a real PITA, actually w/ all the messing about the system I can't boot safe mode where I could before, thinking time for TimeMachine restore. Want so say my MB is ok since there is a DSDT config out there. If thinking the video card, what is a good video card that can support 2 DVI/HDMI monitors at 1080p that's PCI-e 2.0? I don't have gaming needs so under $200 if possible. Thanks