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  1. Asus P5N7A-VM

    FrodoKenny, I have used this guide. And i have the board running like a charm now. I did have two problems i ran into. First of all the Kexts should be in /Extra/Extensions. Second i was unable to perform step 5. I get an error saying the kexts are not authentic and are skipped. I did however end up with a fully functional system with CI/QE, so i am very happy
  2. Rosetta trouble

    Just a little heads up: I installed Upchuck 10.4.9 1.4 on my machine. As this was my first mac install i started trying things. Among other things i installed the Qt 7.2 update. After fiddling around for a while i decided to install my copy of World of Warcraft. However i found myself unable to start the installer app. I couldnt quite figure out why. So i did a clean install with just the Apple updates (yes again Qt 7.2 )...with same result. After a little search i found a topic about Qt 7.2 update breaking Rosetta. So i reinstalled again and voila i could finally launch the installer. Apperantly the 10.4.10 is supposed to fix the Qt problem.