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  1. No Mice Pointer

    Hello Guys, I've got a now problem. I've finally mac os working, but i don't have a mice pointer in mac os. But it works, but i can't see the mouse pointer. In the installation is the mice working well. What can I do with this ? I've got the logitech EX110. And i tried to connect it by usb and ps2. Both don't work.
  2. Don't Boot after Apple screen

    Okay, i got this error message now, before the screen power off. As you can see, can the computer see the videocard, but i think that the drivers don't work. Can anyone help me please ?
  3. Hi Guys! I've installed x86 on my pc in vm-ware. Here was everything perfect, and it works after the first installation. But in the virtual mode is mac os very slow, so I thought to install it just on my hdd (so not virtual). But i've got the problem that it won't boot. My computer hangs after the apple logo at startup. I have make some pictures of the problem: I tried several things. I used: platform=ACPI:x86pc, but don't work. Then I tried to boot using -v -s then /sbin/mount -uw / etc... It should be a problem with my video card. But it's weird that's work in vm-ware. I've made a screenshot of my computer management: Here are some error messages: After that the installation progress starts: