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  1. chrtylee

    need a bash script

    probably the wrong forum page to post this but i need a bash script that targets the league of legends game and renices it to -10 as soon as the right part of the game launches or that i can click to run the script after minimizing the game. my main issue is that when i check activity monitor there are multiple things for League Of Legends and im not sure which id is the right one or if i can do it by the parent id to set everything run by the app at that level of "nice" also, will this prioritize bandwidth and cpu?
  2. chrtylee

    dell vostro 230

    installed lspcidrv kext and made sure it was loaded with kext wizard, type that command in terminal says command not found, i tried with sudo and had the same results. i installed iatkos l2 from a burnt dvd. BCM5722D.kext.zip aida64 report.txt
  3. chrtylee

    dell vostro 230

    os x works but getting ethernet to function is ridiculously impossible, i made a dsdt, and edited all proper files to add my dev id to the kexts and it just doesnt work, if u have a broadcom netlink gigabit with dev id 1691 which is BCM57788 you might as well give up. nothing works end of story, unless someone here is actually willing to help me but seeing as the belligerent asses in chat completely ignored me while 4 of them were helping 1 person i doubt ill get any damn help
  4. chrtylee

    optiplex 330

    a lil update, I got mac 10.5 from iPC booted, but no ether net and cant find help for it. im using Broadcom netxtreme 57xx and the dev id is 169b. I also don't think my graphics card is working properly because the only res I can use is 1024x768 and after I drag a window across screen I have to minimize it and pull it back up or I cant see it. also scrolling through pull down menus is disastrous, I cant read any thing after I start scrolling. the info for my card is VEN_10DE&DEV_0A65 its an NVidia en210 from asus. 1gb ddr3. the "name" from NVidia is gt218
  5. chrtylee

    optiplex 330

    im looking to do a major change on my pc, im scrapping the disk drive as I never use it and hooking up a second hdd. I have no idea how to raid these, or if raid is necessary. what I want is to dual boot win8 and some form of mac osx (idk which one will be compatible with my pc) my OptiPlex 330 is stock except for the following, 2x2GB ddr2-1066 ram chips from g. skill. NVidia en210 silent 1gb ddr3 from asus. and ive upgraded the cpu to an intel q8200s. as stated its currently running win 8 with plans to upgrade to 8.1 soon. the drive I want mac osx on is Samsung 320GB sata 5400 rpm 3gb/s. model is hm321hi I understand a lot of basic computer stuff, and a bit of advanced stuff. so please help me by telling me whats not compatible and where ill have to make changes. I do require internet, so thatll be the first thing if the onboard enet controller doesn't work. I would like the newest osx possible, but I understand if its not possible. I recently broke an acer aspire one hackintosh by not paying attention and running a software update. started throwing kernel panics at me on boot and decided to turn it into an actual netbook via Joli OS. but plan to reinstall iAtkos S3_v2 unless u guys kno a better hackintosh version for that netbook, as I could not get wifi working.