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  1. Maxxuss Patches for 10.4.5 released

    I didn't notice any decrease in speed. I'm running on a P4 Prescott 3Ghz with 2Gig Ram
  2. Maxxuss Patches for 10.4.5 released

    To those who are stuck at 1024 x 768 and are using GMA900 video card, here's how I fixed the problem: I deleted all the AppleIntel9???.kext including the AppleIntelIntegratedsomething.framework (I can't remember all the names and I'm not infront of my MacIntel. But if you view in list format they're next to each other. I copied all the AppleIntel9???.kext including the AppleIntelIntegratedsomething.framework from the /backup-10.4.4/Extensions to existing /System/Library/Extensions folder replacing the ones I deleted. Delete the Extensions.kextcache and mcache Repair permissions and reboot. No need to edit com.appleBoot.plist I rebooted and I had all my options to change screen resolution.
  3. How to run "script" command to update to darwin 8.

    I'm confused DeathChill. What contains all the other files? Are you referring to the 8.1 source code?Pardon me if I'm a little slow. I just finished installing Darwin 8.0.1 and succesfully upgraded to 8.1. I was just wondering if there was another way to install 8.1 directly in case the system does not boot after I make all the "other" changes necessary. BTW: This is my first post. I have been lurking for a little bit reading all the posts.