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  1. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    You can have multi method like this: Method (_Q13, 0, Serialized){ } Method (XQ13, 0, Serialized){ } and Osx will call _Q13 Others will call XQ13...
  2. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    Can you just add the a Method for _Q13 instead of renaming XQ13?
  3. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    I would be nice if that flash issue can be fixed, but i think OC team would have fixed long time ago if they were able to. Some said, it was caused by gpu memory timing test performed by Apple, since it only happen on macOs.
  4. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    Those error are caused by using Python 3, you can just ignore them, it will go away when OC update their edk2. If you get stuck at Apple Logo right after updating your OC version, a hard reboot would get it going again.
  5. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    Some useful info about FakeCpuID on Page 5.
  6. n.d.k

    GFX that Supports DRM?

    Hackintosh and DRM content doesn't mix ...:( , Chrome browser can play netflix fine but limited to 720p. Safari, AppleTV, and iTunes Movies are in the same bag and won't play DRM content on most hackintosh.
  7. n.d.k

    Clover.app testing

    Indeed, Great Jobs! It's compileable via Xcode IDE, right? should be..
  8. Clover boot log will tell you if it's locked, something like "MSR 0xE2 is locked, patch will turn on."
  9. n.d.k

    Clover General discussion

    Well, Catalina 10.15.1 need WEG 1.3.4 for rx580 to work. If you don't want nothing to do with Lilu or WEG in your system, you can use /System/Library/Extensions/AMDFramebuffer.kext and /System/Library/Extensions/AMD9500Controller.kext from Catalina 10.15.0 for Catalina 10.15.1.
  10. n.d.k

    Update to 10.15.1 fails under OpenCore 0.52

    I don't have the same problem like you do, but i got CMOS checksum error complaint from BIOS instead after the first reboot. then it keep continue without problem. I'll say upgrading OSX with OC wasn't as smooth as with Clover. My system never ran into a error or fail upgrade with Clover after many years with dozen of osx upgrading.
  11. n.d.k

    Random kernel panic while using macOS

    Do you have the "Put hard disk to sleep when possible" turned on in Energy?...This feature seem to cause random panic with catalina.
  12. n.d.k

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you for the suggestion, I think Apple did change the framebuffer which doesn't recognize any of my rx580 port, I did try switching my monitor cable connector between my 3 display ports to see if it will light up the screen, but no luck. Changing SMBIOS is the last thing i want to do, since i had everything tuned and configured for this particular SMBIOS.
  13. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    try copy this config.plist setting for ivybridge board.
  14. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    I wouldn't know because, i config my system to be a headless mode. I don't hook up my monitor to HD4000 port, my r580 is driving both of my 4k monitors, HD4000 is limited to 1080p only, so i don't use it at all, only turn it on for the encoding purpose.
  15. n.d.k

    OpenCore Discussion

    Error are related AptioMemoryFix, it's in Booter->Quirks section, mess with it. ProvideCustomSlide = YES EnableSafeModeSlide = YES