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  1. Wow! This kernel works absolutely flawlessly Thanks a lot Shanee. Now there is no kernel panic related to usb device and system seems to be fast. Will test for some more time and get back. Thanks once again
  2. Try this fix provided by Shanee https://www.dropbox.com/s/wf1t0wotg8cbvql/Account_KP_Fix.zip?dl=0
  3. Thanks a lot Shanee. Been trying many things from last two days but couldn't resolve this but those two files did the trick. Wondering how those files are related to usb but anyways thanks once again. Edit: Now one more problem has cropped up. It's taking around 5 min to login to my desktop and safari is taking around 10 min to open. Is this because of those two files? I have rebuilt the prelinkedkernel.
  4. I am getting the same error randomly while opening a folder or while opening system preference etc and yesterday I accidentally removed usb without ejecting it and the same KP error cropped up. I am using bronya's kernel.