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  1. hi, hope this hasn't been discussed before ... this is an instruction on how to create an idisk/.mac replacement; not everything does work, though (like sync between more macs) -> http://www.tnpi.biz/computing/mac/tips/idisk/
  2. looks like a space-keeper for a new one ... http://www.apple.com/macmini/
  3. whistler


    just great ... especially for presentations done during free-time in school http://www.writely.com
  4. whistler


    looks a bit like itunes ... but its free (ok, itunes too) and open source. and from the mozilla guys -> http://www.songbirdnest.com
  5. although this site is german, it's very easy to navigate ... just deselect all pages above and just click the ones under 'englischsprachige Quellen'. then click 'start' for the mac-news-breathing-people it may be quite interesting ... http://www.justmac.info/
  6. do not say, just microsoft makes {censored} ... http://security-protocols.com/advisory/sp-x21-advisory.txt
  7. whistler

    Gogole.com ;)

    hi, it just occured to me, that when i am typing very fast, i type sometimes gogole.com and not google.com ... when you do this for the german google you are redirected to a blank site (just '...'). it used to be not a blank site, but a site from some guy who offered stupid advertising ... but when you do this for gogole.com (instead of google.com), you are redirected to google.com. funny, huh ? (well, not really funny, but interesting. they are reading my spelling mistakes )
  8. hi, thought i share this really interesting article about 30 years of personal computer development. and no, it's not just about sales figures as described in the headline. quite funny to see all companys going bankrupt till just apple and ms are left ... i didn't know in which forum to post this topic, so feel free to move if it doesn't fit ... http://arstechnica.com/articles/culture/total-share.ars/1
  9. hi, this is a really great video about the future of media and your very own privacy ... it's 8 minutes worth invested, trust me ... *still impressed* http://www.idorosen.com/mirrors/robinsloan.com/epic/
  10. whistler

    Windows is funny ...

    i didn't hide them ... there are simply none ... that easy ...
  11. whistler

    Windows is funny ...

    hi, i logged in with my account in school yesterday and something happened to the 11th time ... long story short: i thought i share it with you 'cause i really think it's funny and somehow windows shows us what it can do do you see what i mean ... ? p.s.: i love the new forum template
  12. whistler

    KEEP high resolution..

    actually you have to add <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280*1024x32</string> in the file ... ____________________ in your dock on the left, click on finder then -> /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist open this file with textedit after the last <key>x</key> <string>x</string> add where 1280*1024 is your screen res and 32 the bit depth save the file. reboot. enjoy. you have to gain root access before editing this specific file go http://www.g4tv.com/techtvvault/features/7...n_Mac_OS_X.html or http://www.macworld.com/2001/10/bc/howtoosxsecrets/ or just google on how to do this ... //EDIT: had some time go to the terminal (somewhere in applications -> utilities folder in finder, can't make it up by mind ... ) type: enter your admin password. to end a superuser session before the power goes to your head, type: //EDIT2: there is another possibility wihout having sudo access ... open and edit the file with textedit; save on desktop right click on orig. file and move to trash (authenticate. enter passw) move file from desktop (just drag) in the folder where you deleted the other file authenticate, enter passwd done
  13. whistler

    iTunes 5.0.1 ?

    hi, i read that some of you were both able to install itunes and working with it ... but on the other hand you say, that QT7 screws up the system. so do you install itunes without QT7 ? how ? regards. whistler