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  1. For everyone who wants to use android in Surface Pro... (but I'm sorry if it may contain some advertisement...) minimum requirement, Surface Pro 1, 2 or 3 with Windows 64 bit. I've been trying to install android using iso in the first page of this surface forum. However, it's still far from running perfectly. I've also tried to install Bluestack, Andy emulator, or using Virtualization (VMware or VirtualBox). However, it's still not running as smoothly or consume too much resources (RAM for example). and then, I've found AMIDUOS developed by American Megatrends (You can search it in google). It's not free (around USD9.9) but it definitely runs more smoothly without dual boot and the best one is you can install most apps in google play. I'm using surface pro 1 and after installing Antutu, it scores between between 23000 to 29000 in full benchmark. I think it's good enough because it's just running side by side with windows without dual booting. After several day of use, I've found several disadvantages. One of them is that my surface pro's fan keeps running when using amiduos eventhough it doesnot consume memory or something. It's a little bit worrying cause it does consume cpu too much...(may be somebody could advise me ) This android will run smoothly if at least the setting for battery is not "power saver". whenever in "power saver" mode, I feel some lags in running apps in amiduos. So, at the and of the day, I'm satisfied because Windows, Mac and android can be used in daily basis.
  2. (surfaceosx) Thanks @caleidosCope I'll try tonight. So far, OSX shutdown time is really very fast. Sorry for confusing others, I just like to try with other possibilities because I would be in trouble if something went wrong with my Surface. I've bought it from overseas and there is no microsoft surface representative in my country.
  3. I've reinstalled Maverick and the sound error has been vanished. However, sound is not working when booting normally. It will become active if I boot using "Boot Mac OS X without caches and with injected kexts". So far, except for sound problem, everything is running smoothly including video /graphic. I installed parallel and windows 8.1 inside parallel (and wifi can be turned on inside parallel). I installed maverick without formatting the whole drive, leaving windows 8.1 untouched. In order to boot, I still use USB flash disk. Even though I don't installed clover into SSD, I don't have to press power and volume down everytime I want to boot into OSX. With USB Flashdisk plug into a USB 3.0 Hub with 4 usb port along with wireless mouse usb reveiver, Surface pro will just boot directly into clover. So, I still have 2 more bonus USB slots that can be used for USB wifi adapter and other usb peripherals. It's just a very cheap usb 3.0 hub (just around USD10 in amazon or ebay, I bought it from local shop in my hometown). Just using small thumb USB Flashdisk and nano USB wifi adapter, you just can leave it as it is in the USB HUB. And also, it's easy to replicate usb boot disk into other flashdisk (using restore function in disk utility and then installed a clover efi into back up Flashdisk with identical file content inside EFI folder). May be this information could help every one who still in doubt installing OSX in Surface Pro without formatting the whole SSD.
  4. (SurfacePro1) @Flapclock Hi Flapclock, I also encountered similiar problem, stuck at missing bluetooth controller. In my case, I just repartition SSD to acomodate 1 HFS+ partition, not a clean install. I'm using version 2 and then inject kext from version 3. I've read from other thread, it's related with video so that I move all mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* to specific folder (just in case something went wrong). Then I boot without cache and with injected kext. And it's working. However, it's not working right, so I push AppleIntelHD4000* and its friend back to extension folder (S/L/E). Graphic much more smoothly but It's still not correct because I cannot play video with quicktime. Video can run smoothly with VLC.....but the big problem is....there's no sound.... So, Does anybody here have any solution for me? I've tried using VoodooHDA for Surfacepro2, but the audio still not working....