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  1. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    problem: -i have 8Gb ram and there is only 4gb available... 32bits enabled ? -also i don t know what bootloader to install i try some chameleon2.1 myhack1.0.1 others too also some kexts and after installation: boot0:GPT boot0test etc boot0:error and then i have to format the drive and reinstall all over again. now i m considering to try upgrade to ML or maverick...?
  2. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    hey again, i successfully install snow leopard on this machine can i use that dsdt for it ?
  3. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    dmg i try 2 different ones 10.9 and 10.9.2 and the result is the same maybe because i m under snow leopard ?
  4. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    same thing fabio... here is the log maybe is something wrong Restoring BaseSystem.dmg to /Volumes/PandoraMEM... Validating target...done Validating source... Could not get information about "/Users/ofeej/Desktop/Pandora.app/Contents/Resources/Base/Baselioninst/BaseSystem.dmg" or it is not an image file done Note: checksumming turned off due to format argument Could not get source volume name maybe the image is not good? where can i get one that works ? pandora logs.zip
  5. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    hey again i m trying to make a boot with Pandora and it gives me this message and nothing is copy to my usb another question can i use the dsdt you posted ?
  6. Pandora's Box (Beta 2 Testing)

    i m trying to install 10.9.2 and i m getting this msg and nothing is copy to my stick
  7. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    D5400xs / Xeon X5482 / 8G FD-DIMM DRR / Geforce 8600GT. and another pc with snow leopard installed to prepare the installing. now i m dealing with pandora i ll get back if i have any problems
  8. Intel D5400XS dual Xeon

    i saw you have installed os x on this board D5400XS (i have2xintel Xeon X5482),i want to install any os x greater that 10.6, i have basic knowledge of hackintoshing (i installed on a asus p5q witch was verry easy), i saw u use a dsdt, maybe you can make a short list with to do things also a pack of kexts and files that i need. how did you did your boot
  9. the problem is i can t post on that topic (i don t know why) and the cpus are the same in windows is running smoothly and the bios is updated. can you explain or give me a link how can i use that dsdt to implement it. maybe you can move the topic to the proper location in OSx86 Installation
  10. i got stuck with this motherboard using a old method witch was working for my ASUS P5Q setup: multibeastcd and original dvd of snow leopard. i saw on this forum a guy who installed 10.9 using a dsdt patch (new thing to me i m searching for a link to see how to implement this). http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296435-intel-d5400xs-dual-xeon/?hl=%20d5400xs can i use to run snow leopard? i cannot send him any pms or post to his topic need help? what do i need tot get in contact with him? My setup is: 2x xeon 3.2Ghz 8GBddr 8600GT