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  1. I'm afraid this is a known issue with the BCM440x. My "workaround" has been to always use wireless. (Not an optimal solution, I know.)
  2. Sigmatel stac 9200 in-line , headphone issue

    This is the best you can get for the 9200 at the moment. Well, maybe. tbcarey released a version that supposedly fixes these issues, but it only works on the Dell Inspiron 6400. I have a Inspiron 9400 (e1705) and am not able to get it working. (That said, I suppose I could be doing something wrong.) Good luck! Sean
  3. I, for one, will be excited to see what you achieve. Good luck!
  4. Sigmatel 9200

    Is it possible, by any means (EFI strings, HDA patcher, etc.) to get the Sigmatel 9200 to work perfectly? "Perfectly" meaning: 1. Sound working through built-in speakers 2. Sound working through headphones 3. Microphone working 4. Automatic muting of built-in speaker when headphones are plugged in I only get 1 and 2 using the HDAPatcher v1.20 and STAC9200.txt. I'm not asking for how to do it, per se. Rather, whether I should spend any more time looking. Thanks! Sean
  5. nVIDIA Quadro 2500M (DevID x029a)

    I did lose QE/CI immediately after applying Kalyway's 10.5.3 combo update. But I followed Krazubu's advice and set the IOProbeScore to 0 in my injector. Again, QE/CI is back! Now up to 10.5.4...
  6. nVIDIA Quadro 2500M (DevID x029a)

    I'm very impatient. I went ahead and flashed my 2500M to a 7900 GTX. It worked! Under 10.5.2 I now have QE/CI, full resolution, and full memory. And, you can see here, my DeviceID changed from 0x029a to 0x0299: Now the next hurdle - doing the 10.5.3 combo update and 10.5.4 update. We'll see if QE/CI stays...
  7. nVIDIA Quadro 2500M (DevID x029a)

    NOTE: The Quadro 2500M is based on the Go 7900 GTX, I think. I have tried just about everything to get QE/CI running with my nVIDIA Quadro 2500M notebook graphics card under Leopard. What is working: Full resolution (1920x1200) Full memory (512MB) Tried "just about everything" includes: - *Reading every forum post I can find on the subject* - using various NVinjectors (NVinjectGo, NVInstaller) - using no injectors, but EFI Strings instead (using EFIStudio) - various versions of Leopard (10.5.2, 10.5.4) - various versions of NV* and GeForce* kexts But no matter what I do, I can't get QE/CI to show as "supported" in the System Profiler. The one thing I have not tried is flashing the ROM on the card. But, from what I've read, that's really only for memory issues - not QE/CI. But I could be wrong about that. So a couple questions to anyone who can offer some guidance: 1. Can a Quadro 2500M utilize QE/CI in Leopard? 2. If so, can it be done without flashing the ROM? 3. If the ROM must be flashed, does anyone have any pointers? 4. Do I need to try to flash the card as a "7900 GTX"? 5. Would doing #4 be super dangerous? I would so appreciate any advice! Sean
  8. Does your nVIDIA GPU work fully on your LAPTOP?

    QE/CI is a common shorthand for Quartz Extreme and Core Image. They are part of the Quartz Compositor, QE responsible for hardware acceleration and CI for non-destructive image processing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz_Compositor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_Image You can see if you're using it by looking in the "Graphics/Displays" sections of the System Profiler (Go to the Apple logo in the upper left of the desktop, select "About this Mac" and click the "More Info..." button). Here's what mine looks like. You can see Core Image shows "software" and Quartz Extreme shows "Not Supported". Thus, I don't have QE/CI.
  9. I'm curious how successful people have been at getting their nVIDIA laptop graphics to work fully. For example, I have full resolution support but no QE/CI under 10.5.4 despite trying just about every combination of injector and tweaking short of flashing (which I'm still not sure I even need to do). If I had the option to add one more poll question to this topic, I'd ask what kexts/injector you're using. That said, please feel free to add this information in a comment - ESPECIALLY if you have everything working. 10.5.4 nVIDIA Quadro FX 2500M Full Resolution Full 512MB Memory No QE/CI NVinject 0.2.1 I'll add meaningful interpretation of the poll data to this post as it comes in.
  10. This post recommends: A', B, #, C (A' being Kalyway 10.5.1 instead of 10.5.2) I'm also now thinking of simply: D = iATKOS v4i D, #
  11. Consider a brand new install. What would be the proper sequence to follow? A = Kalyway 10.5.2 B = Kalyway 10.5.3 combo updater C = Apple update to 10.5.4 # = Sonotone's DellLaptopPostInstaller I'm tempted to do this: A, #, B, #, C, # 1. Is that overkill on the post-installer? In other words, would A, B, C, # be better? 2. Do I need to remove files from the backups folder between runs of the post-installer? 3. Should I even bother with 10.5.4 yet? Is it too flaky for Hackintosh use yet? Thank you! Sean