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  1. Chameleon 2.4 svn

    hello. ive noticed that the latest chameleon doesnt have any modules. i need the kernel patcher module cause i get the lapic kernel panic.
  2. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    I can't find the kernel patcher module in the latest chameleon.
  3. I guess what I really mean is I don't quite understand the concept of it all.
  4. Please help me! I'm all lost and confused in following this guide. I was able to get a few information about my own audio hardware though. It is similar to the one posted above: IDT 92HD87B2/4 according to the codec dump I made. I downloaded the Kit IDT 111d76d9.zip from post #6 but I am unsure what to do with it. What exactly do I do in order to get it working? Here are some helpful information: My laptop model is an HP Pavilion G6-2991sa. I triple boot it with Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 13.10 and Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1. It has a 1x 3.5mm mic and 1x 3.5mm earphone ports and a Dolby Advanced Surround sound/Altec Lansing speaker. It also has an HP TrueVision HD webcam that I'm pretty sure has an integrated mic. I can't make the webcam work for some reason on normal boot, but in safe boot, the webcam works. Forgive me if I'm saying nonsense. I just want to provide all the information I could. I have 2 codec dumps: The first one's "IDT 92HD87B2/4". The other one I think has something to do with the HDMI port since that one's "Intel PantherPoint HDMI". I also got my PinConfigOverrides (byte-flipped): <00A71CF0 00A71D00 00A71EF0 00A71F40 00B71C1F 00B71D10 00B71E21 00B71F04 00C71C20 00C71D10 00C71EA1 00C71F04 00D71C10 00D71D01 00D71E17 00D71F90 00F71CF0 00F71D00 00F71EF0 00F71F40 01171C30 01171D01 01171EA3 01171FD5> It is very similar to the one found inside the README.txt of Kit IDT 111d76d9.zip from post #6. I was following a similar guide that made me generate an .svg file using codecgraph and I can provide those too if needed. Please help me get my sound working. I'm not sure what exactly I need to do. UPDATE: I've got all of these now: codec_dump.txt codec_dump_dec.txt codec_dump.txt.svg codec_dump_dec.txt.svg verbitdebug.txt verbs.txt So I've read post #6 which explained verb. I couldn't see any other instruction in that post, merely a reiteration that verbit is better than getting PinConfigOverrides. So I moved along to post #7. This is where I get so confused. It says to run "patch-hda" and then select our codec. The problem is my codec is not in the list. Is there a way to add it there? Or do I have to pick the closest one? Please help. I really want to get my sound working. UPDATE 2: I'm lost in post #7. I've already extracted layout12.xml and platforms.xml and I honestly don't know how to edit the values and some of the pictures of the instructions are not loading up. Please... help me. :'(
  5. Using this well written guide by RehabMan of tonymacx86, I was able to triple boot Windows 8.1, Mac OS X Mavericks and Ubuntu 13.10. Well, almost. The problem is with the Ubuntu installation. So after creating the initial partitions which are FAT--for Windows (which will be changed later to NTFS), exFAT--for storing files across all the operating systems, HFS+ for Mac OS X, then FAT--for Ubuntu (which will be deleted later and sliced for swap area and ext4 respectively, for Ubuntu) using Disk Utility from my Mavericks USB, I proceeded into booting into the Ubuntu live usb. First thing I do is run Gparted, to format the FAT to NTFS (for Windows) and then delete the other FAT and create 1: 8GB swap partition and 2: ext4 partition. Now here's where I'm having problems. I then installed and ran gptsync so that it will sync and update the hybrid mbr. The issue here is that gptsync does not seem to be able to do it. It detects the ext4 partition as "unknown" and thus saying that it will not be able to continue. However if I delete that partition, it would be able to write it. So I did temporarily deleted it, until I figure out how I can fix it, and that's the reason why I was able to continue installing Windows and Mavericks. They both boot just fine using Chimera. Does anyone know of an alternative tool that can sync hybrid mbr like gptsync that can detect and work with ext4 file systems? Thanks in advance.
  6. I was able to install iAtkos ML2 but can't get the wifi working. I've searched high and low for a driver but I couldn't find any. It's for my HP Pavilion G6 laptop.
  7. I successfully installed it but after getting pass the initial setup screen, I realize that the wifi isn't working. The nic is basically not being detected or something. My nic is a Ralink RT5390R. I couldn't find any drivers or kexts for it. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I was able to solve my own problem with the trackpad abs keyboard. Now my problem is with the network. The wifi doesn't work. Please help!
  9. Because of this, I couldn't get pass the setup screen. Here's a quick recap of what I have and what I did: My Laptop: HP Pavilion G6 2291sa (E5L26EA) In-a-nutshell specs: OEM OS: Windows 8 Processor: Intel Core i3 3110m RAM: 8G Graphics: Intel HD 4000 (integrated) Storage: 1TB SATA Optical Drive: DVD/RW Multi Layer Ports: 1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA My laptop came with Windows 8, which I updated to Windows 8.1 via the Windows Store. I then updated it to Windows 8.1 Pro. I deleted the recovery partition that it came with to make room for the mac installation. I did not have a Mac, so first I installed iAtkos ML2 on a Virtualbox using following this guide which basically tells you how to create a bootable USB installer using Carbon Copy Cloner. After that, I booted it up and followed this guide to install it for real. Everything went smoothly, except once I boot it up, I can't get the trackpad mouse/keyboard to work. So I'm stuck in the setup welcome screen. Do you guys have any ideas? Anything I can do to get this fixed? TIA!