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  1. yes, i lost my skge too. currently my Marvell 8001 cannot work. luckily, i have an Marvell 8052 onBoard
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    I think i find the T61 graphics problem

    I was totally wrong. Sorry i haven't update this post in time. The new discovery is, the problem could due to the memory detect. i think maybe the video bios was integrated into MB bios, the remap address could be changed but Mac OS fail to detect video bios. this could explain when i delete GeforceGA.Plugin but keep NVDARESMAN.kext in my system, it can boot up normally but report only 32m memory, which means it worked on VESA mode. thanks for giving me the useful link. i will read it after my exam. following is the information Lenovo gave: I am curious what will happened if i do COPY memory content from C0000-CEFFF to other place. will the video card work then? can anyone please tell me some information about this? thank you.
  3. I got a fresh "Stock 10.5.4" install on a T61 model 7663-BR1, and installed 82566mm driver and batterymeter driver, the final thing i want to do is to enable QE/CI on the NVS140m chipset. I extract the video rom from Lenovo Bios, but it do not contain any NVCAP value in it. Somehow, there is another file named Display0.rom, can be scaned by NVCAP_Maker.app, but i got a strang value: 040000000000ff00000000000000000700000000 After trying a lot of NVCAP value, i read a thread of a user who use NV140m on DELL D830 successfully enabled QE/CI, I decide to use original kext without any injector. and then i found: when i delete the GeforceGA.plugin, system can boot, some graphics kext can be loaded, but with no QE/CI and Resolution support. In About this Mac, it said then i use "ioreg -l -w0" to locate the problem, several lines attract me: personally i believed this is the problem, where the graphics card were recognise as using an AGP bus but not PCI bus. Then I try to upgrade my iopcifamily.kext from 2.4.1 to 2.4.4, but it could not help. I will continue my research, anyone who can give me some advice?? Thank you very much. Attach is my ioreg result ioreg.txt