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  1. Fixed the problem by installing Leopard 10.5
  2. Solution ALC888/ALC888S/ALC1200

    Fantastic ! Thanks to this I got my audio to work Specs: ALC888S 10.5.5 (iDeneb)
  3. Hi guys I recently bought a Medion MD 8833, and I managed to install iATKOS S3 (10.6.3) on it. I've sound and even my Wi-Fi works, but the problem is my video card. I've a nVidia GeForce 8600 GT (256 mb) and after my boot logo there's always a blank dark screen. (So no kernel panics). Things I tried: -add EFI string to com.boot.plist (generated with OSX86 Utitlity Tool) on my Snow Leopard -Install Natit -installed some .kexts (after install) -installed some .kexts (during install) -Manual added only a new resolution in my com.boot.plist. without adding the VideoCardIDstring (After this I have a new resolution but screensaver and dragNdrop-graphics are crappy). Nothing worked and I always get this blank dark screen after the boot logo. So I've seen a few guys who handled this video card so could anyone tell me how to do this? I'm already trying this for days and I looked all over the internet but I can't get this thing to work. Thanks in advance !! Sjeezo
  4. No Sleep in Snow Leopard - Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2

    Yes, my motherboard is a gigabyte: GA-945GZM-S2, it's known for the out-of-the-box-ethernet on a hackintosh. The bios version i'm currently running>> i.d.n. (2 lazy 2 reboot) but i tried all the versions and none of them had a AHCI-option. The kexts i'm running: -AppleRTC.kext -fakesmc.kext -IOAHClBlockStorageInjector.kext -LegacyHDA.kext -NullCPUPowerManagement.kext -OpenHaltRestart.kext -PlatformUUID.kext -SleepEnabler.kext Thanks for letting me know if the 10.6.1 update worked, did it myself and yesss it's running perfectly!! Oh yeay, don't forget to install "VoodooHDA.kext" with "Kext Helper b7" and you've got the audio.
  5. No Sleep in Snow Leopard - Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2

    Hi, Finally some1 who is having the same problem! I'm running 64-bit mode. And yes everything is working onboard. Maybe you are thinking to try to flash your BIOS for an ability to have the AHCI-mode, but i can tell you, I've flashed my BIOS with several versions and not one shows the AHCI option. (Some say this can help with the sleep-mode). My sleep does exactly the same as yours so...yes we have to wait for a solution.. When I find something, I'll also post it here. Grtzz
  6. Hi all, I've got everything to work on my fresh Snow Leopard but I can't get sleep to work. Installed S.L. with retail and Chameleon RC1 and a custom DSDT ('cause i had trouble with the Chmos reset-stuff). openhaltrestart.kext and sleepenabler.kext are installed properly. Sleep always worked on my Leopard but not now on my S.L. so Please, anyone, advice? Thanks in advance !! Grtzz__ Sjeezo
  7. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    Leon27, nice you figured it out, and installed successfully Leopard. I personaly haven't updated to 10.5.6 but I know when you want iWork and Ilife '09 you should. But if this is the only reason why you want to update to 10.5.6 than I have a bypass for you: If you don’t have 10.5.6 and you don’t want to upgrade do this : Go to /system/library/coreservice/SystemVersion.plist Edit this files : ProductBuild 9E17 ProductCopyright 1983-2008 Apple Inc. ProductName Mac OS X ProductUserVisibleVersion 10.5.6 ProductVersion 10.5.6 But make sure to backup the old .plist and after the install replace it with the original one because otherwise iTunes wont work anymore. Oh yeah, wich drivers do you still need for your motherboard? Cheers
  8. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    And, how did it went? Yep that's also a good way, but you have to make more partitions and stuff, and you also need a working partition with leopard pre-installed and so on .. so I think this is the easiest way. It worked for me and with a few kexts my audio and video are working perfectly. Cheers
  9. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    Both kernels (there are only 2 possabilities) have to be installed. Don't install Video / Audio / Network drivers and all that, BUT choose the right bootloader. Only one may be chosen (not both !), This choice depends on whenever you have GUID or MBR, so be carefull! Good luck and let me know!! Cheers
  10. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    Used Kalyway 10.5.1 to install Leopard and it worked !!
  11. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    hmmm updating bios is soo risky.. besides, nobody says it's necessary. All the guys who have the same m-board as we, fixed the install in a jiffy. I'm now downloading Kalyway 10.5.1 and hopefully we've more luck.
  12. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    What ways did you tried so far? I'm realy desperate !!
  13. Hey guys i've a simple question. I've always had a hackintosh, set up with first kalyway (to bless the partition), than brazilmac for the main system (vanilla kernel) and afterwards pc_efi v.5 for the bootloader. This always worked for me. Now I've got a new system, and i can't get it to work. I tried the way i used to do, like I said here above and also I tried iAtkos v.5, also Kalyway install cd 10.5.2, I tried with pc_efi v.9 and all that but I still can't get it to work. It's realy frustrating because i know i've got the good hardware. My specs are: motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3 CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6600 So could PLEAS somebody give me some advice or a step-by-step guide? I've aready read and tried the guides of netkas and some of the insanelymac forums (like http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=124938) Thanks in advance !
  14. Leopard Perfect Install

    Thanks a lot for this guide, I followed several threats and spent hours and hours to get my Leopard to work but nothing worked, and thanks to you, I DID IT !! Cheerz man !
  15. Can´t find the Patcher -.- wtf ?

    You should search on the site with the braun boat, and type "brazilmac" . Now, the download is about 13mb and it contains the Patch Files you need. Cheerz__ and good luck