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  1. Radeon 7650m vga port worked but LVDS not work please guide me

    Does this also mean , the discrete card should be disabled for Windows as well in a dual boot scenario ?? Sorry to post in an old thread but I was searching for solution and stumbled upon this post. My discrete card gets disabled in windows after installing osx 10.8.2 . http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/294892-intel-hd4000-driver-gets-uninstalled-from-windows-81-after-booting-mountain-lion-1082/ Thanks in advance !!
  2. There is no option to switch graphics in BIOS , its switches as per application settings in windows. Now after doing clean installs of both the OSes (again) and installing drivers , it seems that only ati graphics drivers are getting deleted and Intel HD4000 drivers remain which makes me think that since, only Intel hd4000 is recognised and enabled in the OSx 10.8.2 , so somehow Windows is also getting this info and thus deleting AMD drivers by itself . So is there any chance that both OSes can communicate during bootup because Mac is influencing windows ? If it is because Mac can't recognise the AMD graphics card then I will have to find another way to make mac recognize it ??
  3. Yes , the drivers from Windows 8 are getting deleted !
  4. Hi , I am new here . I have a Samsung NP300E5V-S02IN laptop with > Intel Core i3-3120m , Intel HD4000 Graphics AMD HD8750m graphics card (Switchable) 4GB DDR3 RAM HM75 Chipset mobo Atheros AR9485 wifi chiset Realtek RTL8101E I started with empty HDD, installed Mountain Lion via iATKOS ML2 usb , then Windows 8.1 dualboot .(dual boot working good) Then extracted DSDT, patched it with IvyBridge patches + Battery Patch(i.e. change 16bit Embedded Control reg to 8bit for using the ACPIBatteryManager) , generated SSDT , put both into Extra folder with Chameleon being the bootloader , using patched AICPM (deleted NullCPUPowerManagement). I have everything working from QE/CI to sleep to brightness to speedstep and so on except the WIFI . But the real problem began when i started using windows 8.1, when i switched from Mountain Lion to Windows, the Intel HD4000 graphics driver gets uninstalled from Windows alongwith the AMD drivers . No problem , I reinstalled the drivers but this happens every time I switch from Mac to Windows . I have been trying to rectify this for 2 days but in vain . Please Help !!