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  1. Thanksgiving! Runs perfect on my Pentium D Hackintosh!
  2. Possible LGA775 motherboard?

    Wrong. The Pentium D only supports SSE3 and emulated EM64T, so a patched kernel must be used for Lion and Mountain Lion. The cores are 2x0 instead of 2x2 (Intel Core 2 Duo family) and do not support true 64 bit architecture (EM64T is emulated stuff). To install SL I had to use a legacy bootloader. Otherwise I would run into the 0xdeadbeef error (ati.c, line 1024). But it may work for you.
  3. boot error

    Maybe that bootloader no work with your computer. I only get dead beef errors if I use an incompatible bootloader with my system. Loading the wrong stuff. What was the installation method?