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  1. I just installed Mavericks on my (old) Asus P5B Deluxe based PC on a GUID partition, using #####. After the setup I used ##### (basic configuration) and it worked pretty well. The only issue was the ethernet card not being detected, so I don't have internet. The built in ethernet is Marvell Youkon 88E8056 and it used to work in my previous Lion setup, so I simply installed MultiKext and tried to install a marvell Kext that I found on osx86.net. The network card started working but on next reboot the system failed to boot. A -v -x boot shows a "replay_journal from xxx to xxx" error that I tried to fix to no avail using "verify permissions", "repair permissions", "repair disk", etc. The only way to get Mavericks to work again was reinstalling the OS, but I'm still unable to add the needed kext for ethernet. Every time I try to add a kext (I tried with two marvel kexts) the system hangs and on next reboot it doesn't load and i'm forced to reinstall it from scratch! Software that I tested: Multikext (hangs soon after installing the kext), Kext Utility (hangs after kext install while performing permissions repair). Any advice on how to get the ethernet card to work and/or install the proper Kext? Also, I understand that the system freezes while writing to HDD but how comes the failure isn't recoverable using the usual maintainance tools (disk repair, fix premissions, etc.) ? Thanks!