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  1. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    Successfully installed 2xGTX570 evga sc cards on an Asrock P67 Fatal1ty Pro Board with 16GB Ram and an i7 2600k processor. Thanks to aquamac's guide on efi strings, graphics enabler (yes), graphics mode (null), and pciroot=1 npci=2000 flags. Chimera bootloader from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] fixed the bootup panic (was on chameleon rc5 since the Lion fresh install). Just inserted the device id in the NVDAG100Hal.kext (1086) and applied Netkas' OpenCL hex fixes then prepared the efi strings for both cards using aquamac's guide. Now running on cuda drivers 4.0.21 (cuda-z sees both cards) and tested the system on Davinci Resolve Lite successfully. Thanks to tonymac, aquamac, netkas and all the rest who have been posting both here and on tonymac's blog. And thanks to Luigi Valtulini for the inspiration. Now on to fixing dsdt to be able to run the hack without nullcpu.
  2. FX5200 Works ! 10.5.5 and 10.5.6

    working on an atom littlefalls2 hack (retail install method) running 10.5.8 with 10.5.6 kernel and system.kext (so hyperthreading and both cores can work). but still fixing garbled menus. still troubleshooting since i was using the gma950 graphics and kexts intended for the onboard video (which could have contributed to menus graphics corruption). UPDATE: replaced the jessfort coregraphics.framework with one from a 10.5.5 distro. everything now works without glitches. did not need to remove or replace any kexts manually other than the nvidiakush full version install + the coregraphics.framework install through pacifist.
  3. try connecting another/external monitor then reboot. fix your monitor settings then (try turning mirroring on or off). i remember fixing an acer travelmate this way when it ended up with a blue screen
  4. Plus the q8200 runs at higher temps than the q6600. for a little bit more you can get a q9400. i suggest sticking to the gigabyte ep45's (ud3r's or the ds3r's) as they have easier retail install methods and have the best i/o connectors.
  5. VoodooHDA

    just tested it on my adi988, and it works but have not tested other inputs/outputs. will post especially if i can test the spdif or optical inputs. cheers to the dev team. :c
  6. Have been building hack pros for editing and recently found that the best motherboard sets are the p45's from gigabyte. q6600 is a great overclocking proc if you can still find stocks. oh, and caviar black drives don't hurt either. And hacks are actually better performing than macpros (just try rendering on similarly spec'ed machines). I edit hd on prores or dvcpro hd codecs and no problems whatsoever on my sig machine. 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 edits will require raid on my machine, though. and maybe a quadcore upgrade. so the 3870's a great graphics card? hmmm...let me read up on that and maybe buy one soon. thanks to all.
  7. 780i RAID

    You can do software raid via disk utility.
  8. Help! OSX86 tools killed my install!

    what are your specs and do you have achi enabled in the bios?
  9. [SOLVED] 8600Gt 512MB DVI + VGA Is Dual Monitor Possible?

    Just finished installing IPC on a q6600 dfi lantparty jr p45 t2rs using an 8600gt zotac 256 ddr2 card using this method with a few preparations. 1. Had to install the leopard graphics update 1 files using pacifist. 2. Used nvdarwin for an injector (tried nvkush but somehow could not reuse it after crashing the first few installs) 3. Only plugged 1 monitor using the vga port and only connected a monitor to both dvi and vga after all the hacks and installations. Thanks to the thread starter and to all those who are continuously improving our osx experience here in insanelymac.
  10. need a good cheap SATA controller

    try to find highpoint rocketraid sata raid cards. the 23xx have osx drivers.
  11. Tried it on my wife's Acer Travelmate 4320 0f:06.3 SD Host controller [0805]: Texas Instruments PCIxx12 SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller [104c:803c] no success, but will look forward to further developments.
  12. Your response is much appreciated. Thanks and i'll try to find out what's wrong and report it as soon as i figure it out. Off topic: if you're using compressor just set your computers on quickcluster then upon submitting you should find the available processors from your other computers from the drop pane saying "this computer". assign the cores as you would like for the render.
  13. Using e-sata with the jmicron kexts results in finalcut pro hanging (beach ball eternal rotation). Thought the whole system doesn't crash, force quitting doesn't kill finalcut entirely and the external sata drive hangs. A hard reboot is required to get the system going. What could be the problem? I ran rember with the e-sata drive playing videos and it doesn't have any problems. Does it have anything to do with fcp?
  14. Many thanks, will try this. UPDATE: After trying cyclonefr's above solution, slashack's fix now works without glitches. Thank you very much to both of you!
  15. I just installed the jmicron 0.6 kext from slashack. Am using an asus p5b-vm board with 2x2 Gb ram sticks. It is stable but only works if i set the sata controller to basic in the bios and not ahci. Is there a crucial difference in performance between ahci and the basic sata settings aside from the hot plug functionality? If you set the controller to ahci, kernel panic ensues at boot. Am happy with the performance of my system as of the moment though, so thanks for this development. Props to all of you from the Philippines! UPDATE: Since installing the kext, i have lost esata functionality due to no ahci. it turns out esata on this motherboard is controlled via the jmicron 363 driver through the ide bus. (or through the pciex to ide to esata). I wonder if anyone has any fix for this at the moment?