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  1. viiddee

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi, flashed the patched Bios and all is working. No Nullcpu needed anymore. Thanks CodeRush!
  2. viiddee

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi CodeRush, Thanks for your work! I have patched the latest Bios version from my Laptop Samsung RV720 but i don't know if it was succesful. The Bios is a Phoenix UEFI Secure Tiano BIOS.
  3. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=272459 hat das schonmal jemand von euch hinbekommen? Leider stimmen bei mir die Bezeichnungen nicht wirklich überein und ich hab keine Idee wie ich die umbenennen soll? ... Offset (0x84), B1ST, 8, Offset (0x86), BRIT, 8, Offset (0xA0), B1RP, 16, B1RA, 16, B1PR, 16, B1VO, 16, Offset (0xB0), B1DA, 16, B1DF, 16, B1DV, 16, B1DL, 16, Offset (0xC0), CTMP, 8, Offset (0xC7), TIST, 8, Offset (0xD0), B1TI, 16, B1SE, 16, B1CR, 16, B1TM, 16
  4. viiddee

    Samsung RV720

    In dsdteditor i got 0 Warnings. When i try to compile the dsl in iaslme i got 115 "Namespace object is not referenced" Warnings. Anyone have an idea what to do? Kextpack: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=170&t=37489
  5. viiddee

    Samsung RV720

    hi, the notebook is running really well now i'm trying to patch the DSDT with dsdteditor. I've just taken all the patches of "Notebook Core i Sandy Bridge" folder but i'm just not sure if everything is in order what I was doing. Thanks! Samsung_RV720_untouched.dsl.zip
  6. viiddee

    Finder aktualisiert sich ständig, dringend Hilfe!

    also falls du stuffit installiert hast... von macfixit.com "Finder constantly quitting and relaunching A few users have reported an issue in which the Finder constantly relaunches after the QuickTime 7.6 update. If you are experiencing this issue and you have StuffIt installed, launch System Preferences and then open the Stuffit AVR pane, click the Stuffit AVR tab, then click the "stop" button."
  7. viiddee

    Bootloader EFI 9 usw wie installieren

    probier das mal aus... http://######.com/weaksauce12/?p=309
  8. viiddee

    S-ATA & IOKitWait timeout...

    it works! Thanks!
  9. tested on my amd, i hope its helpful.... GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Error] Unable to find a matching or supported cpu id in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: Please provide the following info to make it into a later update GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Vendor: AMD [AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+] GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Signature: 40fb2 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Mobile: 0 Latency: 0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_AMD_FIDVID_CTL MSR 00000E10 00002710 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-04:FID 10 08-12:VID 00 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16:FIDC 0 17:VIDC 0 20:FIDCHGRATIO 0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-51:SGTC 02710 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_AMD_FIDVID_STS MSR 0C100210 310C120E GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:CFID 10 08-13:SFID 00 16-21:MFID 02 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-37:CVID 0E 40-45:SVID 00 48-53:MVID 12 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Unloading