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  1. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    HI EVERYBODY!!!! i have a prob, i first had an atheros ar5007eg card, and i never made it work, now i bought a BCM4311KFGB and it doesn't work properly, my system recognizes as an airport card, i see the fan in the system bar, and it shows me the avaible networks, but i can't join to any network, it asks me for the password but instantly when i hit the enter button tells me that i can join network.... what could i do.??????? in the system profiler under the ethernet card it displays as Type: Other Network Device could it be this the prob??? Console Log Reports 19/04/10 16:37:40 kernel AirPort: Link Down on en1. Reason 1 (Unspecified). 19/04/10 16:39:23 airportd[423] Error: process_command_dict() failed Toshiba L45SP4016 SnowLeo DVD 10.6.3 Intel T2080 Core Duo 2.2 Ghz 1.5 GB Ram 20 Gb Partition Dual Boot Windows 7
  2. Atheros AR5007EG

    Didn't work for me.... everything's go fine until i hit the "START SCAN" button in KisMac...... it ask me for my paswword and everything but it does NOTHING absolutly nothing..... In the menu bar theres the airport symbol, and in the System Profiler under the Airport Tab it says : Información de la tarjeta AirPort: Tipo de tarjeta inalámbrica: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x7128) Entorno local de la tarjeta inalámbrica: Unknown Versión del firmware de la tarjeta inalámbrica: 1.4.4 Red inalámbrica actual: red inalámbrica no disponible So i dunno what did wrong.... can you help superman? uops ! i meant MacGeek????
  3. Same problem here it stucks at Not OS Version Set ( or something like that) Toshiba Satellite L45 Pentium Dual Core 1.5 gb ram Im currently using iAtkos first release and works like a charm, but i wanted to update. BTW kalyway never work 4 me either
  4. Computer freezes after login window

    when installing Jass 10.4.8 i have to desellect the Intel patches cuase when finishing istallation says "error cant continue installation try again later" so without patches it freezes at the gray start screen Portable Toshiba L45 Intel T 2080 945 GM GRaphics 512 Ram 20 Gb partition disk SoundMax Intagrated Digital HD Audio ( in system Profiler it says " no device found") Prob #2: when installed Jass 10.4.1 none application worked no safari, no textedit no nothing.... what do i have to do????? pls help!!