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  1. If you are using chameleon just replace the boot file with the one i attached here and thats it. Its the same chameleon file just with the vesa video hack into it so 64bit systems recognize it. After changing the boot file dont forget to ad this string to your boot plist to get native resolution. <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x800x32</string> boot.zip
  2. hey guys you can get native resolution on 64bit using deviato's modified chameleon bootloader. you can find it Here!
  3. 10.6.2 usb 2.0 & sleep snow

    If you are using chameleon 2 as bootloader just add the USBFix option on boot.plist and all your usb's will work. I'm trying to enable tap and scroll on my ALPS dv4 too but im running on 64bit system. if anyone have a solution please let me know.
  4. Hi OriginalMACNUT. I have a hp pavilion m8517c and it has a IPIBL-LB MB. I see you already have a bios mod for this MB but im not sure if it will work normal been from a diferent model. Can you tell me if its ok for me to use the one you already modded on my pc without problems? thanks bro.
  5. HP built in WEBCAM

    I had an issue with the cam 2 but usb drivers fixed it... the drivers on my distro was usb 1.1 and didnt detect the cam since i installed the new kext its working perfect
  6. internal card reader

    this kext work for my jmicron probably gonna work 4 u guys, my laptop is an HP dv4 IOSDHCIBlockDevice.kext_beta2.tar.gz
  7. USB doesn't recognize devices

    You can install this KEXT it fix this issue. IOUSBFamily.kext.zip
  8. [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    Hi guys i just got a new laptop and managed to make almost everything work, but i still got a problem. im on a hp laptop and my wireless is working good but the wireless light dont stop binking, it keeps blinking between blue and red. Does anyone knows the solution for that? i look everywhere and couldnt find it. thanks in advance! oh i forgot the laptop is a dv4 model wireless bcm4322ag
  9. AMD com Leo4all demora no boot, final cut não roda....

    Koeh mateus? digae os specs do pc q usas. eu tenho um AMD tb e funciona 100%, claro q tive q mod algumas coisas por eu mesmo, talvez posso fazer algo por ti. Acdz954
  10. Bom galera como disse este topico eh para quem deseja mostrar como esta seu novo desktop, jah abrindo o topico aki esta o meu:
  11. Realtek RTL8201CL LAN Controller Working Driver!

    It Worked for me Using kext helper on leopard 10.5.3.
  12. What network cards work?

    why get yourself stressed trying to put your wireless to work if you can buy for just $100,00 a compatible one that works on both mac/windows. Interested??? go to: http://www.sonnettech.com/product/aria_pci.html A PCI Airport Extreme Just for U.
  13. Kernel Panic CPU caller!

    bom eu tenho um athlon 64 3000+ numa k9mm-v meu chipset eh k8m800 e deu tudo certo... deve ter algo na bios q num deve estar de acordo... a minha por exemplo... nao aceitava a memoria rodando a 800MHz, fiz uns ajustes e funcionou... bom... eu nao tenho a bios q tens mas cabe a vc solucionar... volta com a frequencia do proc. e diminui a da memoria. talvez funcione. boa sorte
  14. Notebook HP DV6000 (DV6245US)

    vai fundo se alguma coisa der errado instala o vista denovo. se nao tiver iniciativa nao vai pra frente... faca como eu... nem sabia specs de hardware nem nada soh instalei... e soh o wireless q num pegou... mas mesmo assim corri atras e fiz pegar. bom... boa sorte e vale a pena tentar.