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  1. How did you get it installed?Did you install it ok the sdhc card using another computer? I can't get my eee to load the disk utility. I've got a 16gb sd card and a 8 gb USB flash. Any help would be appreciated even if I got a hold of your 4.2 install via torent or something it would be a breeze
  2. Did you install it using another pc onto a flash drive? How big of a drive? What size ssd does the 900 have? I'm really starting to think it's just easier to run xp on this thing and wait until after macworld and get a mac
  3. so whats the best way i can get OSX running with what ive got.. Ive got a 16gb SDHC and a 8GB flash drive, and multiple PC's to use to load the disk.. whats best?
  4. So how is it that ive seen pic's and forums saying people got leo on a Eee PC 701?? Ive got the RAM, sure 4gb ssd is small, but apparently somepalces say you can strip off all the extra lamnguage stuff and applications you never use, and it could fit.. I got this 701 for free and would love to run an mac install... i got the RAM super cheap, but im not interested in spending a forutne on this thing. is your mac install on the 16gb slow drive? if so how well does it work
  5. what's my best bet then? I want to have it running on the eee but I don't want to have to carry around a big external. If be ok with having to install it on another pc to a flash drive then transfer it to the ssd. But my main goal is to run it on the 4gb ssd if that's possible. I'm willing to have it on USB flash only if that's what it takes. But all ssd would be preferable
  6. all the guides ive seen say i can install it on the Eee itself... so your saying use another PC and what and external? SDHC? Flash? ive got all available, i want to be able to run the Eee without having to have an external everywhere i go, external is almost as big as the Eee itself.
  7. I need some help... ive read this thread thru and thru and im thrilled to see that osx can work on the Eee. ive got a Eee Pc 4G (701 i assume). Ive put in 2gb of ram, ive got a 16gb SDHC card and soon will have an 8 and 16 gb thumb drives. my problem is when i go to install it takes freaking forever! im using a new LG external cd rom, ideneb 1.3 and it boots fine, took way longer with the stock 512mb, but with 2gb i can get to the part where i choose "disk utility" and thats when it hangs, upwards of an hour or more, every choice after that to erase or partition takes about 3hrs before i can click something else, this is the point where ive stopped trying. i need a hand here, ive done osx on another pc before, but nothing like this. someone please help , all i ask is that you give me links and go slow lol im new to kekts etc.. when it comes to computers, im damn good, but Mac's are new territory and i havnt bought my iMac yet (wating until after macworld) Thanks, i really dont want to have to settle for XP
  8. another suggestion is buy a SATA/IDE to USB adapter, normally about $20 then just use a regular DVD rom, that what i did, i had the adapter and a spare drive, saved big time. Externals are a rip off
  9. Making a new hackintosh - Eee PC

    Not bad looking tutorials. anyone seen other ones? Also anyone changed out the SSD on these to something bigger? if so wich brand.
  10. hey there! i have in the past installed leopard on my HP dv9330 using a kalyway disk. obviously had no wifi and a few other bugs, well that pc died and is currently being replaced with a real mac. however i got for free a little Eee PC 4G. I was wondering if anyone has been able to get this particular unit to run OSx86. if so i would be happy if some links/tutorials could be passed along. using the kalyway disk was pretty straight forward because the hp has a cd rom etc... the eee pc does not. so once agian, trying to install most uptodate if possible Leopard on an Asus Eee PC 4G. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASUS_Eee_PC ive searched the forum, read some threads but nothing substantial. Thanks
  11. that mean we might have a working 3945 wifi driver soon??? would be a kick a$$ weekend if thats the case
  12. Essential Applications and Utilites

    Which of the newsgroup programs is the best? http://www.macupdate.com/search.php?keywor...&button.y=0 I also need a sweet torrent program,... whats the best? im used to using windows and running utorrent i can say that microsoft mac is amazing, and who doesnt love itunes lol... downloading is what i do alot of, both newgroup and torrent so i need some very good apps, like i said im used to utorrent and grabit, if someone can show me something compareable ill be super happy
  13. someone in abother forum suggested trying these http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ i did and then system wouldnt load, just kept saying reboot... someone got something that works? Im running an HP DV9330CA with Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection Running Kalyway 10.5.2 and yes, i have searched both on the non working search here and my good friend google- and so far nothing that makes anysense, im completly new to not only a hackintosh, but also mac in general Thanks,,,
  14. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    yeah this is my first time using mac osx as my OS ... More at home with windows and know how to fix most anything in that.. but this i dunno.. i found a post on this site refering to wifi drivers, i tried em, system just keeps saying reboot lol so reformat i go... Reallly really really wanna get wifi working.. means by laptop can be portable agian lol
  15. how to burn kalway leopard iso on pc?

    maybe its WHAT your burning, try a new copy