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    Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 for AMD Succes Or Problem Thread

    i've tried countless configurations in both hardware and bios settings, ultimately this release didn't work for me... i finally got leopard installed with Leo4All. the only problem (with any installation) is that Mac only sees 128GB of my 200GB hard drive. Additionally i dont have Video Acceleration, no Audio, or Lan working, which really sucks... after i got the install i can't use any programs, lol. but oh well i guess, i can't do anything about it for now, i've spent hours trying to get at least one of the three to work but they dont... maybe someone with a similar motherboard or similar peripherals has gotten it to work and can help me out, thanks
  2. superman1101

    LEOPARD Leo4all complete tutorial

    i understand AHCP is to enable support for old types of bios that dont support ACPI or something like that so it can support your hardware... i'm not sure if this is right. Also.. i installed Leo4All just fine! exept that when i enable Nvidia 10.5.2 kext and Nvinject 256 for my nvidia 7050GS / nforce 630 the system hangs just before going into the login screen... i don't get any kernel panics.. the system just freezes, does anyone know if we have to modify anything to remove the " 00ffff" thing or something like that? any help is apreciated... i can install nvinject without "nvidia 10.5.2 kexts" with no problem, but i have no video acceleration, maybe you guys know of another driver that works? also... my Realtek ALC662 High Definition Audio isn't detected in the system profiler at all... i've tried some drivers but they dont work, and my lan just doesn't work, even if i select forcedeth under the installation... my specs are in my sig. thanks
  3. superman1101

    Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 for AMD Succes Or Problem Thread

    Hello, i have tried countless times to get the leopard 10.5.2 rev 2 DVD to work on my machine, i am just about ready to give up, maybe you guys can help me out with my issue... i can't get to the installation, the DVD boots and says "still waiting for root device"... here is what i get: Specs: Motherboard: ECS Geforce 750SM-M Processor: AMD Athlon 6000+ X2 Ram: 2GB DDR2 DVD-Rom: DVD-DL 16xDVD Burner Hard drive 1: SATA Maxtor 250GB Hard drive 2: IDE1 Slave 200GB Graphics card: Nvidia 7050GT / Nforce 630 (256MB Shared) i only have 1 IDE controller, but my patched iATKOS Rev 2 iso can boot into the installation and install, i just can't get it to boot, so i figured this image should be better... any help is really appreciated, thanks!
  4. hello, i have installed leopard on my IDE hard drive, my first issue is that (in the installation), disk utility only sees 128GB from my 200GB hard drive... but i still formatted as Master Boot Record with HFS+ Extended Journaled, and i installed leopard on that hard drive according to the instructions... when i reboot i get a "b0 Error" when i try to boot from the hard drive, when i set my vista drive as primary and try to do a dual-boot i get "chain0 error" and when i boot from the disk and wait for the timeout to expire to see if i can get to my hard drive, it seems that it accesses the disk and not the hard drive... so can you help me out to see what's wrong? when i open the hard drive with macdrive for windows i can see all the files, but i cant boot from the hard drive... any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. superman1101

    help choosing osx disc to use on amd laptop

    if you have OS X installed, then that's the best you'll get for now... generally people need to download the drivers specific for their computers. i've seen people get their broadcom wireless connection running, and some even have their ATI cards up and running (but most with limited acceleration). so generally, after installation you'll have to look around for drivers for things that aren't working... this link has drivers that might work for your wireless, since it's broadcom hopefully it works... but just look around.. good luck
  6. superman1101

    Need Advice/Help with X86 OSX Installation

    you should be able to boot from the external.... instead of configuring the bios to change boot priority you should try to force the USB boot. you can usually do this by pressing the f10 key when you turn on your notebook. then just select "USB Hard Disk"... if the f10 key doesnt work for you then just follow what it says on the boot screen, usually it says "press <key> for boot menu" or something like that. However if you cannot see the usb hard drive from the bios(and by that, i mean that bios has to tell you details about the drive, not just "removable drives"), or from the boot menu, then your bios is not detecting the hard drive, and thus, you will not be able to boot from that hard drive... if this is the case, then sorry, however if you have an option to boot from removable drives then you should try a different removable. hope this helps
  7. superman1101

    HP pavillion dv6458se OS X installation help!

    hmm... so did the keyboard and trackpad work out of the box, or did you do extra steps? it doesn't seem that things are working to greately for my laptop
  8. superman1101

    Gray Screen

    nah, you only have to do that once, after that you'll be able to boot normally... P.S: i dont know why it only works with you with 1 cpu, i have a dual core AMD Turion and it works just fine Glad i could help
  9. superman1101

    HP pavillion dv6458se OS X installation help!

    i've dealt with this, what you have to do is follow the steps here these is pretty much what you have to do: Hit enter and restart i had the same problem with my installation, hopefully it works for you Edit: since it's a laptop your mouse and keyboard usually won't work, you'd have to attach a usb keyboard + mouse, im currently looking for the drivers for these
  10. superman1101

    Booting from iPod

    generally it is recommended to format the drive with disk utility to Journaled, i'm not sure how mac formats the ipod, but it probably isn't ready to be booted from... you should format it with the disk utility. I've seen many people have trouble booting the installation even when they've used disk utility, generally because you have to select the drive to format and not the individual partition
  11. superman1101

    Help needed to fix an osx install.

    to recover your computer later there is an option in disk utility to recover from an image.... it will prompt you for the location of the image file, and as for your active partition... darwin should detect the partitions and allow you to choose which one to boot from, otherwise you could try the step i said with the rd=disk0s1, or remove the hard drive which you dont want to boot from and it will boot from the only available partition... are you using 2 hard drives, or 1 hard drive with 2 partitions?
  12. you pretty much have the same configuration as my laptop, and im dealing with the same problem... the hard drive won't come up in disk utility. i have the 10.4.8 version of the DVD and it's the same thing... so if anyone knows of a solution to this, i'd be happy to know it thanks.
  13. superman1101

    Help needed to fix an osx install.

    the system is probably trying to boot off of the new partition you created, try pressing f8 at the boot menu and see what disks are available, and select the right one, if not, then... if your computer has an option that says "press <key> for boot menu" then press that key and select the hard drive in which OS X is installed. if that doesn't work, then try booting off the CD and press f8 when the darwin loader comes up, then type this in "boot:" rd=disk0s1 change the "0" to what ever hard drive you have it in, if it's the primary master, then it's 0, if it's slave then it's 1.... and so on... im hope im right in all of this and that i helped
  14. superman1101

    Gray Screen

    ok, if the only way you can boot up Mac is with the DVD then you should try changing the hard drive priority to boot off the hard drive where u installed mac os, if you're able to get to the darwin menu (without the DVD), then press f8 and type: -v -s where it says "boot:". when you get to a command line type: /sbin/mount -uw / then type cd /system/library/extensions and then: rm -rf nvdaresman.kext then type exit and see what happens, you should try posting what you see in the screen when you boot. hope this helps
  15. superman1101

    installation wont start

    ok, i figured out the problem with this, after the dvd booted i got the the language menu, to find out i cant move anything, so i attached a mouse and carried on, but once i got to disk manager i was not able to see my hard drive. i already partitioned the drive to 2 partitions, one for my vista and the other for OS X. can someone help me out with this? here's my specs: AMD Turion X2 Processor @ 1.6GHz 2GB DDR2 Ram Nvidia Geforce Go 6150 w/ 128 MB Shared 100GB Hard drive hope this helps, and thanks in advance