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  1. Line6 Toneport solution with 10.5.2 Kalyway?

    I have one of the older Guitar Port devices from Line6 (basically same as the Tone Port) and same issues. I've spent a lot of time searching and trying solutions on my EP35 DS3R based hack with no luck at all. I should mention though that on my real G4 mac, running Tiger, it works perfectly. And on my brothers Macbook Pro running Leopard also works perfectly. So my guess is something about the Kalyway install, custom drivers, or non-apple hardware that is causing some incompatibility. The fact that the device works perfectly in two other Mac's suggests to me that Line6's drivers are not to blame. I do have a solution, but not a free one. I purchased the Line6 Gearbox plug-in. Now I'm using the line input built in to my motherboard as the input for my guitar. Just buy a patch cable with a 1/4" jack on one end and a 1/8" jack on the other. With the Gearbox plug-in you can apply all the effects in Garage Band to any input source. The guitar port is still plugged in, but I'm not using it as the audio input device. It's only plugged in for the software to authenticate the purchased plug-in. Doing it this way results in no clicks / pops at all, even after extended use! It's not ideal, but it works! http://line6.com/store/shop/ The plug-in alone is only $49. Of course for this to work, your hack setup will need to have a working line input! If you don't want to use the built-in Line Input, Taruga's post back on page 1 links to other USB input devices that work. Also, Pro Tools' M-Box is another option that a lot of people have had great success with as an input device within Garage Band. Hope this helps.
  2. Line6 Toneport solution with 10.5.2 Kalyway?

    *bump* ?? Has anyone made any progress on this? Having the same issue here with a Line6 USB audio device. Occasional white noise during recording and playback. Gigabyte EP35-DS3R.
  3. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Is it an integrated "Mobility" card? If so, it seems like support for all Mobility HD cards are still a ways away.
  4. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Thanks for all your hard work lastExile! Because of your guides and forum posts I went ahead with the 3850 (and saved a good chunk of money over the 8800GT too! ) One thing I have noticed was that this card runs HOT....REAL HOT and I've confirmed with Sapphire that the fan speed is controlled by the driver, not the card. So when I ran 6 hours in Memtest86+ the other night, the fan stayed on LOW the entire time and I could have cooked a steak on it. In fact the glue from the exhaust decoration sticker lifted and the sticker fell off! I haven't installed OS X yet, but I was just wondering if these HD drivers for OS X have the proper fan / temperature controls that ATI would include in their Windows and Linux versions, or if they are just generic patches from other drivers to make CI/QE work on this hardware? Anyone with a 3850 / 3870 would you mind letting us know how hot your card gets just running idle all day while in OS X? I might go switch it for a 3650 (Which Sapphire says runs about 15% cooler) before I begin. Thanks!!
  5. I have an older eMac. PPC, 1.25Ghz, 2GB ram, running 10.4.11. Considering it's age, it still does a great job. Except that the TUBE based screen I can tell is starting to die. There is high video interference whenever sound plays out of the internal speakers, and every 5 minutes a hideous high-pitched squeal comes out of the case. I've looked this up, it's the monitor. So I already have a 24" widescreen LCD attached to my other desktop, which is a PC. I'm using DVI with my PC and the monitor has a vacant VGA port too, so great I can hook up both monitors to it! So I went over to the Mac store and picked up an old VGA adapter that fit this machine. Good thing they still had them! Plugged it in and the results were not what I expected at all. First, I cannot figure out how to tell the Mac to stop using it's built-in display and to ONLY use the external VGA/LCD. If the integrated display is still running, then the high-pitched squeals still happen which makes working with it unbearable. Second, when I ran "Detect Displays" button on my external monitor, it detected the full 1920x1200 resolution, but when I changed to it all I saw was a 1280x960 desktop picture (which is the same size as my integrated display) in the middle of my LCD screen with a large black border filling in the adjacent space. So even though I can output to the native resolution of my monitor, it's not actually resizing the desktop to fit the new resolution. It's just showing the CURRENT integrated resolution on a different screen it seems. Needles to say, both issues make what I'm trying to do useless. The display preferences are so basic, I can't figure out if there are even any advanced settings to turn off the integrated display while an external is present. Is that even possible? Also - has anyone tried hooking up a VGA adapter to a high res LCD screen and got it to fill the desktop to the entire size? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  6. ATI 9600 ON 10.4.9

    I'm pretty new myself, don't know a lot about these custom drivers but i do know that the 9600 is the same gpu as the 9700 which is a more popular revision. So theoretically a driver for 9700 will work (if you have that option).
  7. post installation (mDNS hang)

    Having the same hang problem with 10.4.8. I can't even boot into safe mode (-x), it hangs that way as well.
  8. Problem Starting Os X

    I'm seeing a similar thing. The last line i see before the boot crashes is: "localhost mDNSResponder : Adding browse domain local" any ideas?