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  1. Ah... OK. Others are sometimes experiencing this error generally in Fusion 10. It appears that the solution in some instances is to unblock the VMware extension in System Preferences --> Security --> General, but in my case no message or "Allow" button appears.
  2. I'm trying to use Unlocker 2.1 with Fusion 10.1.2 on macOS High Sierra. After installing the unlocker I get this error message: "Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to", which appears when launching any virtual machine. After uninstalling 2.1, everything goes back to normal — except I can't launch the Snow Leopard guest OS that I need to use on occasion. None of the common fixes for this error message work. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks!
  3. I'm running ESXi 5.1u3 with Unlocker 1.2 with OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 as a guest OS. On the guest OS I get this message flooding my log, with ten or so entries every second. 10/29/15 7:23:38.019 PM WindowServer[114]: _CGXGLDisplayContextForDisplayDevice: No matching context for device (0x7fec83e062c0) - disabling OpenGL When running the version of VMWare tools that comes with Unlocker 1.2 the errors only occur when I remote into the machine with Apple Remote Desktop — viewing the console via vSphere causes no errors. When running VMWare Tools that come with Fusion 7.1.1 the errors occur constantly, independent of how I view the screen. Here's a video of the console scroll — For now I'm going to downgrade VMWare tools so the scroll doesn't get out of control. I also get this error as well, though it's an annoyance more than anything — 10/29/15 7:41:16.064 PM apsd[79]: Hardware SerialNumber "VMWVk0d1gYjPF8NGAXKkxNCOA" looks incorrect or invalid Any thoughts on how to deal with this? Update — I checked some OSX Mountain Lion [10.8] host machines and this error does not occur.