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  1. Update: I accessed terminal via my usb installer in single user mode (-s) and removed the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext using these commands: mount / cd /System/Library/Extensions rm -rf AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext ..and i restarted the system, tried to load mac os with no flags and this is what I got: I also tried booting with -f and UseKernelCache=N to no avail... What should I do next?
  2. So I updated mine from 10.9 to 10.9.5 and i got KPs, i tried some boot flags but I still couldn't make it run. with no boot flags: http://randbfashion.com/hackintosh/flags_none.jpg -v: http://randbfashion.com/hackintosh/flags_-v.jpg -f -v: http://randbfashion.com/hackintosh/flags_-f-v.jpg -s: http://randbfashion.com/hackintosh/flags_-s1.jpg http://randbfashion.com/hackintosh/flags_-s2.jpg Fortunately, nothing happened to my partitions, but now I have these problems, please help.
  3. Hi all, I have a partitioned HDD w/ Win7 and Mavericks 10.9, I want to update to 10.9.5 but I fear that it might destroy my partitions if it fails... so my question is.. is it advisable to upgrade my OS via the appstore? will it break my partitions? coz my windows partition is also important... I'm on an Ivy bridge laptop, if that information is of any help..I'm new to updating so can you please enlighten me about this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Intel HD 3000 cannot go Full HD?

    I tried scaled, but it only gave me resolutions of 1600x900 and 1344x756... How can I have a custom EDID?
  5. Intel HD 3000 cannot go Full HD?

    I think it's QE as shown below: I was not able to find that line in my DSDT, although i did find this: I'm not sure, so I took screenshots of my System Preferences > Display:
  6. I have a (minor) problem with Intel HD 3000, and since I've been able to get help from the well-knowledgeable people in this forum, I'm here to ask help again. I have this hackintosh setup: OS: Mavericks 10.9.1 [13A603] CPU: Intel i7 2670QM (2.2Ghz) Graphics: Intel HD 3000 (with Nvidia GT 540M, Optimus) My problem is that I cannot seem to get Full HD graphics (1920 x 1080 resolution) in my setup, but I did notice that other systems like the ASUS N53SN/N53SV/N53SM Notebooks can have full HD with the same HD 3000 graphics. So far, these are things that I've tried to do: - Patch DSDT with RehabMan's HD 3000 High Resolution patch. - Change SMBios to Mac Book Pro 8,3 (from 8,1) - I tried installing these kexts: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3667-new-final-build-13a603-109-intel-hd-3000-hd-4000-driver/ ^ *Note: My system crashed and was not able to boot OS X, but I was able to recover by overwriting the kexts through a backup via USB Installer. I'm sure there's a way to achieve full HD on my setup, I just do not know how to; please help.
  7. Cannot boot without USB

    I used DD's script to install chameleon boot loader from another hackintosh to my target HD (in a usb enclosure), then I installed the target hdd back to my laptop, and it still did not work. I found a fix though, I noticed that when I startup my laptop, there are two options: press F2 for BIOS Setup or press F4 for recovery. I can boot without using a USB by pressing F4 on boot (boot to recovery disk) and chameleon runs fine. Given my setup, I think I can conclude that a GUID partition would not be able to boot via chameleon (not sure about clover), but I think an MBR partition would be able to boot through without going to recovery (F4), I can try that but I've already put too much time just to make my current install work, I guess I will try some other time since my goal is to have an OS X environment to code apps with. Btw, I am missing sound for my Samsung RF511 (the RF511 that has i7 2670QM cpu and HD3000/GT 540M graphics), I can only have sound via bluetooth (headset/speaker). I tried DPCI Manager and it says i have a 6 series/c200 series chipset family high def audio controller, i hope I can find that somewhere. Thank you very much PimentelX86, iFIRE, and everdone for all of your help and effort, I really appreciate it.
  8. Cannot boot without USB

    Can you please give me a link to that script? So I can try it out. I did a search on the forums and found this, is the script named "HackInstaller.zip" ? Also, if that method goes well, do I still have to use that script to add kexts in the future? or can I normally proceed with KextUtility?
  9. Cannot boot without USB

    I'll try doing that later because I'm already running a 7-pass secure disk erase on my hdd that started 5 hours ago..and I'm afraid to skip it which can possibly break my hdd in the process...(or not, i dunno) I'm curious if my hard disk is causing the problem..can I just replace it with SSD and dual boot from there? Or is the problem caused by the laptop itself? Because if replacing the hdd would work, then I'll just buy one and ditch my current hdd..leave it in the enclosure for good; I plan to buy an SSD later anyway.
  10. Cannot boot without USB

    Update: I tried using an HDD enclosure and what I have is a usb hdd enclosure (not sure if there is any other types of hdd enclosures out there) I ran VMWare OS X ML and it was able to install chameleon to my target hdd but when I tried putting it back to my laptop, it still looked for a USB to boot... I'm not sure if the way I formatted my hdd is the problem here...since I just format it via Disk Utility from the USB installer, and then make the partition from there..it formats the disk quickly... Is there a more secure or thorough way of formatting a hard disk to a GUID partition? Or can I solve this entire booting problem in a different way?
  11. Cannot boot without USB

    I have a laptop so the external case will be connected via USB? I'll try that, I probably have to look (buy) for a spare for now.. I wonder if this will work: I have a PC with VMWare, can I connect my target HD to VMWare and then install the bootloader from there to my target HD?
  12. Cannot boot without USB

    I tried doing what you said, I still can't boot without the USB... I see this message in the header now when I boot "header read size 200 incorrect image signature" I've read in other forums that removing the disk physically and re-connecting it works for them, I might try that but I want to be sure if that helps or not, can you please confirm if that helps in some chameleon boot problems? Thanks for the help so far, I really appreciate it.
  13. Cannot boot without USB

    I've read the links in your signature, I didn't know I was using stolen code when I understood what he did... Okay, I was able to make a OS X Mavericks installer usb through this guide by rockinron_1 and was able to: - Install mavericks *I did not re-format my HDD because it was GUID already and I have a windows7 installed in the other partition... - Install Kexts (FakeSMC, NullCPUM, VoodooPS2Controller, ) - Copy the Extra folder from USB - Install Chameleon pkg (standard install) - Patch Power Management (generated SSDT file) - Delete NullCPUM kext - Disable CPU states and Enable Drop SSDT in org.chameleon.plist (downloaded a theme for chameleon as well) ...but still, I can't boot without usb I don't know if reformatting my entire HDD and re-partitioning them will work, but I'll probably try that tomorrow.
  14. Cannot boot without USB

    Oh okay, I'll try without tonymac's stuff then, I'm only following different guides and see which ones work. I know little about the installation process but I'm definitely learning now. I'll get back to you when I finish following your guides. Thanks for pointing me to the proper direction
  15. Cannot boot without USB

    I tried reinstalling both my windows and os x again, here's what I did: - Format hard disk to GUID using OS X Installer USB with 3 partitions (OS X, WINDOWS, ExFAT for FILESHARE) - Installed Windows 7 64bit and Laptop Drivers - Installed OS X - Installed M u l ti Be ast using this setup: > UserDSDT or DSDT-Free Installation > Drivers & Bootloaders -> Drivers -> System -> Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (be sure to select the version appropriate for the version of OS X you have installed) > Customization -> System Definitions -> MacBookPro8,1" - Installed Chameleon using your guide - Patched Power Management using your guide all of that...still didn't work >< is it safe to just use a NullCPUManagement Kext together with the patched Power Management? Also, do boot flags like "-f" (Ignore System Cache?) affect booting with chameleon? I know this thread has taken a lot of days just replying to me, and I really appreciate the help and directions you've given, I hope you wouldn't get tired of helping me out until I get it right.