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  1. sub-zero

    nvcap nvidia 660GTX

    Problem in the video card or in drivers. I tried nvidia 9800gtx + (GraphicsEnabler=Yes) and the problem disappeared. But I saw that drivers loaded in system differ. 9800gtx + (NVDAResmanTesla, GeForceTesla, NVDANV50HalTesla) 660gtx (NVDAResman, GeForce, NVDAGK100Hal) what drivers boot at you in system?
  2. sub-zero

    nvcap nvidia 660GTX

    chipset cpu My monitor link I tried other monitor, there is no result. I tried adpter of hdmi, dvi-a, dvi-d (single link) is no result. Another output, is no result how your display is connected? dvi-a, dvi-i (dual or single), dvi-d (dual or single)?
  3. sub-zero

    nvcap nvidia 660GTX

    I have some problems with the browser (safari) and as a whole with smoothing of fonts. Also partially in appstore. Probably and in other separate applications too. But when I disconnect smoothing in system entirely, everything is good. I assumed that a problem in GraphicsEnabler=No. And now I try to start the video card by means of nvcap and vgabios.rom (GrpahicsEnabler=Yes), but I have only the negative result. you don't know in what there can be a problem?
  4. sub-zero

    nvcap nvidia 660GTX

    i got it 0400000000000300000000000000000700000000 rom corrupted used AIDA64 & nvcap maker 1.4
  5. sub-zero

    nvcap nvidia 660GTX

    .rom is download link (Version I think it it is improbable, but nevertheless I will consider also such case.
  6. sub-zero

    nvcap nvidia 660GTX

    hi, guys somebody can help me, receive value nvcap for nvidia 660GTX? i used the program nvcap maker 1.4 to try to make it, but it doesn't show value. whether there are other methods of obtaining value nvcap, except the program nvcap maker? please write them or give references where it is possible to read about it. my *.rom is added. thx GTX660.zip
  7. sub-zero

    Странные полосы

    привет у меня обратная проблема, что у автора топика, вовсех браузерах кроме safari все хорошо, при том как только я отключаю сглаживание в системе целиком, то safari тоже начинает работать нормально кто что посоветует