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  1. AD1988b_rev3_Installer.zip (761.06 Kb)

    i get absolutely no results from anything i've tried. be it taruga's (both rev3 and 4) azalia, among other solutions i've seen on this board. there's a blank space where i assume the volume control should be on the status bar at the top. but it's always been a blank space. nothing i've tried has generated any kind of response in the system prefs or anywhere. i see no change after running these scripts or adding kexts! i want to try editing appleHDA.kext with the right pin configuration but i can't run windows to get the registry entry that contains that information. can someone help plz???
  2. 5.1 chanell speakers on ad1988b

    i haven't been able to get any of these fixes for my ad1988b to work. i've tried taruga's 3/4, azalia, voodooHDA and some other solutions but none of them work! can someone guide me through this? i know ppl have gotten this card to work. i can only assume i'm doing something wrong, no idea what it could be tho. i get absolutely no change in system prefs.
  3. USB mass storage and ADI 1980 (soundmax)

    its os extended jounaled. and yea i've tried everything. disabling legacy in bios, and tweaking full/hispeed every usb tweak in the BIOS i've tried with all possible combinations. It shows them in the boot screen under VMnet but then it just boots to a black screen.
  4. I've managed to install OS X 10.5.2 on my AMD machine: K8V SE Deluxe AMD 3000+ 6600GT AGP 2GB Ram 250GB Hard Drive (s-ata) USB works great for anything except my external HDD. It shows up in the BIOS but not in the o/s. It will read my thumb drive and all my other usb devices (USB mixer, mouse/keyboard, bluetooth dongle). It also doesn't find my usb card reader. Also i am trying to get my onboard sound to work, it is a AD1980, i have also tried following instructions on these forums but i still have no sound and no sound card detected. Please help. Thanks I edited a post that was already up in the tiger section for my exact hardware.