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  1. Anyone able to assist? My youtube videos are delayed (video is behind) also tested with videos from other sources.. same problem. My clock is also delayed by about 1-5 minutes I thought maybe it was a video card driver issue (because i STILL can't change the resolution out of 1280 even though System Information says i have a 8600 GS) But i've installed Nvidia web driver with no change (and no resolutions added for that matter) So i moved on to bus frequency settings (CPU at 2.20Ghz And Bus Frequency at 198999 (for that 10% Decrease fix idea earlier in the thread) and still no change. I do also have a audio static noise (I've band aid fixed by going into Midi Setup and turning the frequency to 192hz) Running El Capitan + Clover EFI (as per Fusions guide) DELL M1530 2.20Ghz T7500 CPU (according to BIOS) 4G DDR2 GPU: I was under the impression was an 8600GT but as i said.. it says GS in system info) Everything else is working nice enough as long as i change any audio settings i find to 192hz.. Sleep is broken (sometimes works, sometimes restarts.. i turn it off anyway) Cheers
  2. brendanssound

    M1530 Higher resolution

    Not sure if this is related: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/328349-m1530-audio-stutter/ But I'm also noticing a delay in youtube videos between sound and audio?? Also i can't seem to get a higher resolution than 1280x800.. I've manually set resolution in config.plist, and i've loaded the plist file in clover configurator and changed it there. Both are showing the resolution i want but its almost as if it's not using that file.. I know it is because i turned off the -verbose tag in the editor and the changes showed in the clover bootloader and indeed i don't stopped the verbose style screen before login. It's almost perfect.. it's been about 3 days now of playing with it and figuring out how it works.. (a lot of stuff i figured out on my own (wifi, audio fixes etc) which btw if anyone needs a hand with.. just PM me.. I'm happy to try and aid where i can. I'm loading the plist.config file from /Volumes/EFI/CLOVER/ btw.. I'm not aware of any others hiding away?
  3. brendanssound

    M1530 Audio Stutter

    So i got El Capitan installed on my M1530 using Fusions guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/190780-guide-making-a-dsdtaml-for-dell-xps-m1330-xps-m1530-and-xps-m1730/page-95?do=findComment&comment=2169368 Installation was a bit of a pain.. I ended up figuring out my RAM was not sufficient so i threw those 2x 1G sticks over my shoulder and brought 2x 2Gigs.. Installation worked a charm after that. Except i had no sound.. so i reinstalled the kext files included in guide (disableHDA + Installed VoodooHDA) and got sound.. but choppy sound. Tried to uninstall Voodoo (i had intended to install a newer Voodoo driver) but nothing i did would remove the audio (booted to -X and deleted voodoo.kext, booted to single user mode and removed it that way).. the voodoo kext was gone but audio kept on working.. (and yes, i tried disableAppleHDA again a few times) finally i came across an idea online to change the frequency rate in midi audio setup.. and it worked.. 192hz gives me acceptable audio quality (i should mention the hackintosh is aimed for use with my DJ + Production gear) So now i have audio that is clear enough as long as i run around setting any audio frequency settings i can find to 192,000 Does that seem right to everyone else? Feels a bit like a band aid fix to me. The soundcard is a Intel 82801H btw..
  4. brendanssound

    Please Help :( HDD wont mount?

    Disregard previous post, I am now typing this from my hackintosh Leopard, Just about completely functioning.. Got audio,network, graphics card needs drivers and i'll be sweet. .. haha.. now i don't really wanna go back to windows
  5. brendanssound

    Please Help :( HDD wont mount?

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I tried out your idea and was unsuccesful in getting the drive un-greyed out. But with perfect timing i had a relative come over with a unwanted computer. Salvaged his hdd and now have Mac osx installed... But.. no sound drivers for my Cmedia High Defination onboard sound and none for my 8600 GT.. i wiped the drive again and began grabbing a copy of Ideneb 10.5.4 .. now im having issues with that .. Installed and it reset and then instead of loading up the new Mac osx... it restarted again.. looping. Pretty sure my computer hates me..
  6. brendanssound

    Please Help :( HDD wont mount?

    Update: Noticed today during OSX installation booting up that it says "Unable to mount /dev/disk0s3" "Unable to mount /dev/disk0s5" "Unable to mount /dev/disk0s4" etc.. basically its just refusing to mount any of my partitions, And after formatting the partition i want to install OSX on it still wont mount it properly so i can install. Could this be a read/write problem? how would i fix that? Can someone please give me the correct mount command to try and manually mount the drive in terminal.. I'm usually a very patient person but this is driving me insane. Is it even possible? Iv found a manual on here for installing vista/xp/osx.. but im not sure its on the same HDD like my setup. Please help!?
  7. Hey guys, Id like to first mention that prior to this post i had an installed Jas 10.4.8 install, But the hard drive in that machine died and passed away. Now i am keen to set it up again but using my main machine which only has 1 200gig IDE hdd. So i grabbed a copy of Jas 10.4.9 pre-patched iso, burnt it off using Nero, setup a 20gig FAT32 partition by relocating free space on the over drives to create a new one. Whacked in my copy of Jas and got into the install, disk utils, And formatted the fat32 as a Mac Journaled partition. Now after its done this it says its "Mounting" my drive for install.. Except after saying it is mounting it.. The drive remains unmounted, and greyed out, Along with all of the options under First aid (Repair/Verify) etc.. When i click mount.. It dosen't appear to even be thinking of obeying. At one stage i did get it to tell me it has insufficient privledges... So iv spent the whole day trying to work this out, And with the recent downfall of the search engine i havent had much luck finding any new ideas. I know it would be easier if i had 2 drives however that isin't really an option for me right now. If anyone has an idea, a line in terminal i could try.. Please do share it with me Iv been trying mount /dev/disk0s3 etc.. It says no such file name or file system. I did happen to notice something about being unable to mount /dev/disk03 /disk05 etc.. But I'm now completely stumped and hate to post here and annoy people with probably a very simple explanation. My machine is: Intel P4 Prescott 3.2 ghz Dual core Asus p5gdc-v Deluxe 2 gigs of RAM Nvidia Geforce 8600 256meg PCI-E WD IDE 200 GIG hdd Currently running Windows XP Professional Using Acronis Disk Director for my partitioning etc Any help, Would be so very much appreciated.
  8. brendanssound

    Nvidia + BSOD = :( help?

    30 views and not one reply? C'mon guys
  9. brendanssound

    Nvidia + BSOD = :( help?

    I want to first start by saying - I'm very patient.. I'm new to this whole hackintosh thing but rather than pointlessly creating threads so i can have my hand held the whole way iv preferred to go with the 'Trial and Error' & 'Google it' method.. But im stuck, I need more brains to help me out on this.. Iv just done a fresh install of Jas 10.4.8, Actually its not my first install.. Iv done countless reinstalls simply because i don't know any other way.. Safe mode dosen't seem to work for me so when i screw up and get the Grey (blue screen of death) to restart my computer i just reinstall. I just tried earlier and i could update to 10.4.9 without a problem.. My problem is though - I'm running a 256 Nvidia 8600 GT PCI-E card. And i can't find the 'right' graphics drivers. Iv tried macvidia's auto installer 1.8.0 driver only to be greeted with the BSOD afterwards. Tried the nat drivers.. Seems to give the same response. When i try loading into safe mode with -v -s i get 'Drive is locked'. My soundcard is also not working (CMI 9880) But the reason im so concerned about my video drivers is because i can't surf the web or do anything without having to refresh/reload the page before i can read half the text. And yeah.. I'm so lost. If you guys need any other details just ask.. But if anyone could help that'd be much appreciated.