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    I love faster one, Tuned cars, Hacked computers also.
  1. Sorry for my bad English, I wish it's not worst... I tried Mavericks recently this old school computer. 535 has poor G31 chipset, North bridge is ICH9R. Only hope, You can put a Xeon X5470 on it, much better than 1st Mac Pro 1,1. Works great with LGA771 to 775 adapter, You can buy at the eBay. No need to add any Microcode in the BIOS. Just cut off the 2 KEYS of CPU socket. Specs: DELL Insporon 535 CPU: X5470 Intel Xeon 3.33GHz Memory: 4GB *2GBx2 Graphics: Geforce GT640 2GB HDD: IODATA SSD256GB Preinstall: Set the bios, SATA to IDE. This computer has no AHCI mode, intel virtualization technology is disable. Use MyHack and 10.9.1 installer. Need modded IOATAFamily.Kext on E/E. then installer see any IDE SATA HDDs. Check the BIOS screen, Integrated Peripherals >Onboard SATA Controller [Enabled] *No need to add Kext extensions. This computer BIOS is very simple. I can't edit SATA mode at the BIOS, But installer could see boot HDD on the install screen. Boot the USB stick, strike F12 to boot menu select. kernel flags: -v PCIrootUID=1 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No Myhack asked into the installation : I selected generic Extra, No DSDT. And strike Yes at 3 times to delete useless kexts. If Install finished and restarted, You can only boot with usb stick again. On the chameleon boot screen, select a HDD OSX volume and You can boot without USB stick, Boot options "-v PCIrootUID=1 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No" again. PostInstall: Edit the Chameleon.boot.plist with Chameleon Wizard, It's easy. Boot option check: Kernel(Mach_kernel), Use kernel cash, npci=0x2000, Ethernet builtin, Restart fix, Generate P state, Generic C state, PCIRoot=1. *Graphics Enabler=No in this time. I used GT640 works OOB. You need EvOreboot.kext.zip to shutdown. SATA: Need modded IOATAFamily.Kext also, Install with Kext utility. You can reboot from HDD /Mavericks partition. Network: RTL8102E is very old network chip. RTGMac_v2.0.6 is available. Sound: ALC662, It's ONLY issue. I couldn't find any available ways, tried out many kext. *I used USB sound stick at present... It's work with VooDooHDA2.8.2b6, No issue now! Graphicc: GT610 /630 /640 are very cheap Graphics card works OOB, need no GraphicsEnabler. You don't need to buy high end graphics, This PC isn't uses full performance. Shutdown and restart: EvOreboot is available. install with Kext utility *I'm not sure about the correctable link, You can find the latest one with the google. Result: Cinebench, Novabench, Geekbench. Not so bad, But 1/3 performance of 4770K machine... I used SSD, It's works very faster more than same generation rial Macs. And Graphics, PCI-e is much better result than Mac Pro 3,1. Thanx for watching, MyHack is awesome, I appreciate it. Have a nice Hack Aug 24, I looked over this and fixed some misunderstanding to install. Inspiron 535 is very simple Desktop for Hackintosh. and Work no issue. X5470 is very fast
  2. Hey, I know this is old topic, I tried recently few DELLs with no AHCI like this case. I installed No AHCI models with MyHack USB stick, I put modded IOATAFamily.Kext in Extra/Extentions. I'm very interested with XW8600 is look great with XEON cpus on dual sockets.
  3. It deleted, Seems to useless topic. To Administer: Sorry to trouble to you, Would you delete this post?
  4. Kero1016

    P5K-VM 100% working!

    Now I used E6600 on P5LD2-VM, OC to 3.1GHz... My CPU is better tolerance in other mobo, But P5LD2-VM seem to has restriction to OC. P5K-VM is much better mobo to OC, And that can serect more latest cpus. I cant exchanging very defferent mobo for my PC case at many reason. Your report is very helpful for P5LD2-VM user like me...
  5. Kero1016

    Best MB for Q6600?

    hiroo, Thanx for your info, I expected it over 3.0GHz. I gonna try to do that
  6. Kero1016

    Best MB for Q6600?

    HI hiroo, I used Pentium D 935 ON P5LD2 VM R2.0. I'm wondering exchange E6600, Let me know,How about your overclocking situetion.