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  1. thanks for the quick reply, I was able to find information about sed; however nothing about cron, head, or tail. Would you please explain a bit more, I'm really new to AppleScript. I used to compile applications using Fortran77 back in the day, but I'm too old now for the adventures! Appreciate your help
  2. Hi, I would apologize if my first post on these forum is a question, but I've looked around without any luck and only found these forums by looking for an answer to my question! So, I would like to automate the following tasks to all the files inside a "log" folder. The logs generated by this specific program contains too many irrelevant information which I would like to clean up automatically, before going through the each log, every day! 1- Look for files inside a folder. 2- Delete n number of lines in the beginning of the text file 3- Delete every other line in the text file. 4- Delete n number of lines in the end of the file. 5- Save to a new destination I would greatly appreciate if someone could direct me into the right direction!