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  1. Hello Everyone Just finished building my first Hackintosh, so I'm very happy at the moment. I just have a few issues that I'm hoping this awesome community can help me resolve. The specs for this hackintosh are the left-side specs in my sig. I seem to be having some issues with the ethernet. I tried all 4 of the Networking drivers in the Multi_Beast installer, but so far no luck. In System Preferences->Network it says that the ethernet is connected, however I'm not able to access any of my Windows shares (smb). I can't connect to the internet either. My router is connected to the ethernet network and I don't have any issues on my Windows PCs (Router Model: D-Link DSL-2750U) but I'm not able to access the internet that way on my Hackintosh. Right now I'm forced to tether my phone in order to access the internet. I do hope you can help me and many thanks in advance. P.S. I did use assist me and here is some screenshots of it, hope it helps.: I clicked Diagnostics first: http://gyazo.com/eac76ee54af4a093cac04a2493a3093d http://gyazo.com/32307b0c73de7dc29eaf84d97fdb44a3 http://gyazo.com/7b6eb071c72bcd6c4df27537e45f3198 http://gyazo.com/9ca169aca239c84b3eb49a1848f722e8 And then Assistant: http://gyazo.com/89c9b6c116c703f87a436e596bc50c99 http://gyazo.com/3cdb6dbd6f1b39a8c14abe51453d7769 http://gyazo.com/89f2e0b3e133243901a34a4ab79f0137 http://gyazo.com/d715faf719f2c865ac7483f9d537ef99