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  1. Do you own a weapon

    In self defense, if you have to shoot, you shoot to kill, the person who enters your home with a weapon is there to do you harm, he gets no second chances. The state of mind of the person is irrelevant, you have the right to use deadly force if you feel yours or your families life is threatened, you don't have time to give a breathalizer.
  2. vista trial?

    Vista allows 30 days, plus 3 resets to give you 120 days.
  3. This just does´nt work OSX86

    Aplology accepted, most people would just continue to rant and whine, thank you. I just get PO'd when newbs come onto a forum with an attitude and blame the people trying to help them, and I'm not one to keep my mouth shut [Rant]I know research sucks, but I put in hours and hours of reading to get my machine up and running and stable, almost all of it done here. Almost every question that you could have has been answered somewhere in this forum, one of the things regulars get PO'd at on ANY forum is people asking questions that have been answered 20 times, the person looking for the info just failed to do any research first.[/Rant] Don't tie yourself to a single build/release of osx86 either, despit the end results, the installers are different, one may work on one setup while another may not. I just did an Asus/P4 775 install not too long ago, for the life of me I couldn't get the uphuck 10.4.9 release to install, spent hours on it. Finally tried the Jas 10.4.8 and it worked flawlessly the first time.
  4. This just does´nt work OSX86

    What are you an idiot? You come on the forum as a clueless newbie, having obviously done ZERO reseach before diving in to osx86, and call people who reply morons, and expect to get any help? I hope your a better mechanic than you are a forum user, cause you at that.
  5. 10.4.9-10.4.10

    Sure you can have it, I sent it by carrier pidgeon, did you get it yet?
  6. Can't find destination volume

    Then you have a driver/configuration problem. Search the forum, this problem has been discussed ad nauseum.
  7. 32-bit/64-bit Vista?

    Just so you know, if you purchase the retail copy of Vista, not the OEM, the included product key is good for the 32 and 64 bit versions. The retail package either includes the 32 and 64 bit install DVD, or you can send away for the 64 bit install DVD for a minimal fee (I forget which).
  8. OSX86

    What is knieve??
  9. Do you own a weapon

    How well do you think your gonna do with a golf club when the person that breaks in is armed? Not very well.
  10. Let's try this again...

    If I followed that logic I'd still be running an 8086
  11. Windows Vista

    That's no fair, Internet Explorer wouldn't block Windows UAC... unless it is forming it's own AI to take over your computer
  12. Windows Vista

    LOL, ummm, shift-tab enter?
  13. In relation to an Operating System, I usually take it to mean allowed by the license agreement.
  14. And on top of it all, you feel the need to blame someone else for your failure to research, couldn't possibly be your fault that you were to lazy to do a quick search, typical thinking with today's generation, you'd probably sue me if you could.
  15. A quote from my first reply "Seriously, your hackintosh is no more legal now than it was before your Macbook died" From my second post "Of course it's illegal" I don't see how it could have been made any clearer, or why you would think that it would be a legitimate installation as Apple does not sell OSX for use on PC hardware. We are wasting out time because you didn't read the sticky for new users, http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=11517 which has suggestions common for ANY forum, not just this one, a primary one being "Research the problem BEFORE you post". It's not our fault you failed to do ANY research before you posted, you would have quickly found your answer and there would be one less "is my hackintosh legal" post.