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  1. Hey, I am by no means an expert in installs but here is my 2 cents. Theres a decent chance you didn't properly repair permissions with the install or properly patch the appleintelcpupowermanagement (AICPM). With every install, there are certain files that must be repatched with each install (prior to rebooting) as the installer replaces those kexts that allowed your hackintosh to work. If I were you, I'd go online and read forums on how to install the 10.9.2. There I'd look to see if any recommended steps were skipped by simply using the app store installer. This could be as simple as you needed to repair permissions which can be accomplished in single user mode, or you may have to find a working kext for AICPM for your build. Worst case scenario, just do a clean install, get back to where you were and then follow instructions online for updating. In the future, i recommend you use a hard drive cloner. You can google some different ones, but I use Carbon Copy Cloner which has an old version that is still free. Then before you do any major changes, run CCC onto a bootable partition. If the install goes bad which isn't uncommon, you can boot into your backup partition, use CCC to copy that back onto your main hard drive and 10 min later, you're back to where you were before the install. Also, I'm pretty sure having your bios patched to the recommended build is highly recommended and you should look into that. I believe its 2109 (as opposed to the latest which is in the 4000s) Hope this helps.
  2. Oh ok. I've also tried iMac12,2 and Macpro3,1. Neither of which changed anything for me. Would changing my PCI slot help? I know the current one its in is PCI 2 x16 and i'll prob decrease performance, but would it help to try a different slot? Thanks!
  3. Hey so i decided to upgrade my graphics card, thinking maybe i just had a bad apple. I upgraded to a GTX 650 ti which should be natively supported. I turned graphics enabler off in chameleon wizard. With the new graphics card, the system is reporting i have a generic "nvidia chip model 3 mb" as my graphics card. With graphicsenabler=yes, it recognizes the card but says the vram is 0 mb. Also no hardware acceleration is working and i can't change resolution either. I'm not really sure why this isn't working. With the old card, the open gl program also reported the vram was 0 mb (also same as steam). I wonder if there is something basic i've done wrong or forgotten as both these cards should work simply, and neither do. I've looked in the bios but can't find anything I can edit. My smbios is set to imac 13,1 which lists the gtx 650 as part of the build. Any ideas.
  4. hinju

    GTX 650 TI not completely recognized

    Sorry, I have Maverick's installed. Booting with -f did not help. Specifically the computer is reporting NVIDIA Chip Model 3 MB as the graphics card. I wonder if there is something basic I'm missing since both cards were not working natively. I've looked in my bios and do not really see anything editable regarding graphics. And my smbios is set to imac 13.1 which had geforce 650 listed as part of the build.
  5. Hey. I recently purchased a GTX 650 TI 2 gb (which is supposed to work OOB), and unfortunately its not working perfectly. I was upgrading my GTS 250 which was recognized by the system but was not giving me acceleration or ability to change resolution. I installed this new card, and disabled graphics enabler in chameleon wizard and rebooted. The system generically identified the card as an nvidia w. 3 mb of vram. When i turned graphics enabler = yes, it recognized the card but reports 0 mb of vram. I don't have any graphics card injectors. I don't see any DSDT edits for my build so I don't know why either card is giving me so much trouble when plenty of people report these cards work OOB. Anyone have any ideas how to get this working?! This is very frustrating. thanks. Specs: Asus p8p67 pro rev 3.1 i7-2600k 3.4 ghz EVGA Nvidia gtx 650 ti 2 gb ram (formerly evga nvidia gts 250 512 mb) 8 gb ram
  6. So i restored my computer using carbon copy. Turns out, with andy's installer, i'm not using nullcpu. I wasn't getting any more pstates, so i turned on GeneratePStates in chameleon wizard and now i get 6, and my computer seems to go between them easily. I still can't put the computer to sleep tho. I don't know how to test c states to know what c states i'm getting and if i'm going between them smoothly. I do appreciate all your help Pimentel so far. I guess our systems are just different enough. Any chance you can help me with my graphics card issues? Its properly recognized in system info, but i cannot get QE/CI support or change the resolution (i've even tried dsdt editing). I've tried a lot of different things. As long as graphicsenabler=yes the card is recognized. Otherwise i got nothing.
  7. Hey. So I went through DSDT. Theres no PR_Scope, but there was Scope(_PR) which i removed. I complied w.o errors and changed DropSSDT to no. Then i got the kernel panic seen in the picture related to AICPUPM. Sorry this is being such a pain to get running. I appreciate your help and patience though. So what's next boss?
  8. As far as removing PR_Scope, do I just find and delete all references to it in DSDT Editor? In the program it lists 2 p states, my current one is 16 and then it says potential states are 16, 34. I assume this is not ideal
  9. 1) Ok so I now have to edit my DSDT and then I need to set DropSSDT=No and then this will allow me to boot without my installer USB? Should I keep the SSDT that I made? 2) The reason I want an unpatched is like Gringo explained, my bios has already been patched thus I no longer need a patched AICPUPM. 3) Finally can you tell me how i test to make sure all c states and p states work? It does not seem like my computer sleeps so it's probably not working, but what is the formal way to test to make sure my cpu is working properly. Thanks,
  10. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up. As of right now I have done every step instructed including patching the AICPUPM and adjusting all the settings in chameleon wizard. I have 3 questions as of right now. 1) I still can't boot. I posted a pick of where i get stuck, its very early on in the boot process. When I try to boot from my hdd and just holds there w.o actually giving me a KP. I have installed fakesmc and I do have dropssdt=yes. 2) How do I get an unpatched version of the AICPUPM to replace my current patched one. 3) How do I test to see if my computer and powermanagement are behaving properly? thanks!
  11. Hey thanks Gringo. I was wondering if i needed to explicitly state p and c states as No. I had read elsewhere that by default they are disabled so I was a little confused. As far as the bios, when i originally started out installing mavericks, I had downloaded a patched bios (version 2103) from samisnake repository. It seems to work fine as I don't notice any issues. I've asked around online if this would create issues with regards to these tweaks but haven't heard back from anyone yet. Should i go to the asus site and flash back to an unmodified bios? I'll read through that post and see what i can do to fix that cpu error type. Any advice on where to get the FakeSMC? Thanks so much!
  12. Hello. I have not installed FakeSMC. This is my first build and all my previous installs were using automated programs so I'm not familiar with all the required components. Whats the best way to install fakesmc? Google FakeSMC and mavericks and install with Kext Utility? Other than smbios, org.chameleon, and fake smc is there anythign else that's required before I add in the SSDT and follow your other steps? Also, I have created the SSDT but have not installed it as i want to make sure I can boot before proceeding. When I created it i got the warning that my cpu type may be improper (0x0701 instead of 0x0601). Do i need to do anything about that warning? Thanks,
  13. After installing maverick and manually installing chameleon and chameleon wizard, i still cannot boot without initially booting from the USB. I had to manually create an extra folder and "save as" to create the SMBIOS and org.chameleon plist via chameleon wizard. I'm not sure what else I need to do to get the computer bootable without a usb. When I do try to boot from the hard drive it stalls out either at a black screen which says vesa 3.0 and then press any key to continue but doesn't actually boot. The screen does mention chameleon 2.2 at the top as well. Not sure how to procede before i create the SSDT and patch the AICPUPM thanks
  14. Ok. I think we're on the same page now. I was under the impression you wanted me to do these things after I ran Andy's installer. Just to be clear, I can still use this method, you just don't want me using andy's post installer right? I can reinstall and follow your steps. The one hiccup I've been having is NVDAResman and NVDAResmanTesla cause errors preventing me from installing maverick. The only way around this that I have found is to remove them from the installer package, but this causes my graphics card to not completely (no acceleration or qe/ci) so i'm trying to get this resolved today before I try the reinstall. Any ideas?
  15. Hey. So through trial and error i found out that It is purely the NVDAResman and NVDAResmantesla kext that prevent me from booting and installing. I don't need any bootflags as long as those kexts are not present. Another moderator is helping me with speedstep stuff and wants me to reinstall maverick. Before I reinstall, I was hoping you had an idea of how i could fix these kext as i believe that without them my graphics card is not working properly (no acceleration/resolution issues). If you have any idea, or if you could point me in the right direction on how to fix this so that I can get these kext working properly before my reinstall, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!