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  1. zAo

    Counter Strike Ping lag Spikes

    I have the same problem with Counter Strik Condition Zero: everything is smooth until I shoot. (even a 800x600)
  2. zAo

    Red Alert 3 with Cider 2334 - Where to find?

    Thanks for the advice, my iMac appreciates it Any description on where I can find that latest version?
  3. zAo

    Red Alert 3 with Cider 2334 - Where to find?

    Any mirrors? The Porting Team site is down.
  4. zAo

    New Mac Mini in early March?

    Nah; the Atom 330 will be in the new aTV. The Mini is for desktop use.
  5. zAo

    Cider and Baldur's Gate: BG1 BG2 and BGTUTU

    Wow, nice! Could you please upload the 'wrapper' for Baldurs Gate 2?
  6. zAo

    Red Alert 3 Cider Port

    Can someone please upload the container for 1.0? I've been looking everywhere
  7. zAo

    GMA950 widescreen resolution

    Do you have QE?
  8. zAo

    GMA X4500

    Same here. My DG45ID is for sale now
  9. I stopped using OSX86 due to my G45 failure, but this looks superb. Good job.
  10. Maybe this will work? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=95325 Can anyone test this?
  11. zAo

    [REQ] IDT 92HD73E Driver

    Any news on the 92HD73E1X5 driver?
  12. zAo

    Intel 82567LF-2 LAN

    Wow, I forgot about OSX on my DG45ID since I had no LAN, VGA nor SOUND. This is great, thanks a lot leo74! Any news on the Sound?
  13. I will sell my DG45ID soon..
  14. zAo

    [REQ] IDT 92HD73E Driver

    Thanks for the great info! I"ll wait for 2.0