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  1. Hi. I have read many posts regarding burning a SL DVD using Disk Utility. I have also read of converting the .dmg to an .iso with Disk Utility's DVD Master conversion and burning the .iso with Nero. It seems this method hasn't worked for others, neither for myself. It fails during the burn, possibly because the uncompressed .iso is too large for the DL DVD? What I can't find out is whether Nero can play nice with .dmg to begin with. I would try it but I don't have a DL burner. It's my friend. Anyone tried or know? Thanks, klaus
  2. klaupacius

    How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    THANK YOU Meowy for the quick reply. Even if I only use English, I should keep it in, correct? I had a bad feeling about taking it out, woops back to the bottom of the ladder I go.
  3. klaupacius

    How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Can Asianlanguagesupport be removed like the other languages? I ask only because it's not listed as simply a language as the others are.
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    Leopard hacked!

  5. klaupacius

    Should i update 10.4.1?

    Ummm I don't want to have to backup all my files...you guys really don't think a simple upgrade would do the trick? I also am on 10.4.1 with the 'partial' update to 10.4.3 but am thinking of going to 8F1111A. What happened when you guys tried an upgrade from 10.4.1 to 10.4.3? I guess I could install on my second harddrive and move the files over that way perhaps. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. EDIT: Removed content violating DMCA
  7. Hi Hagar. I am using 10.4.1 with the "partial update" to 10.4.3...Happy with this build until 8F1111 is fixed by Maxxuss the man. I guess I need 10.4.3 to run this app? I've been sitting pretty cozy here at 10.4.1 for so long...damn. Well Rosetta for this app until 8F1111 is a go. I am trying to get transmission 0.4 working since the update plays nicer with certain trackers than 0.3 of sites I use. Thanks bud!
  8. Hi! Great app! Have you guys tried the updated 0.4 Transmission? 0.3 worked as a universal binary but 0.4 will not load, no error no dock bounce nothing. Running under Rosetta does work but native would be much faster and easier on resources. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for the info DeathChill.
  10. Sooo...this is 10.4.3 build 8F1111 and there is an update 8F1111A available seperatly. "This upgrade is reportedly available as a small downloadable update to build 8F1111. " Is this included with the torrent on TPB or elsewhere?
  11. Would a 10.4.1 updated to 10.4.3 jive with this iTunes unibin or does it need 8F1111A? Anyword on how different cracking this build will be to the prev 10.4.3 build spliced? Def got my attention.
  12. Pricing will be interesting since they will have similar hardware to PeeCees it will be harder for Apple to explain the mark-up when it's much easier for everyday consumers to check specs. Rather than relying on the mhz myth, theres still no denying the quality , industrial design and OS/software plus ability to dualboot etc. Def be Powerbook and ibook then mini with same specs later down the road as they update the notebooks to higher. A new widescreen display and form factor is what I am expecting. This will be HUGE so I don't think Apple will be able to use this as a test (although what rev 1 prod isn't from Apple hah). If it's not smooth and the price isn't right there will be a lot of bad press.
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    Mozilla Launches Intel Mac Support

    Is that the v0.5c? I have applied that patch on my 10.4.1 generic dvd install that has since been upgraded to '10.4.3'. Safari and most everything else work great with flash but DeerPark/Firefox nor Camino even load.
  14. Great, progress. iTunes ran nicely here under Rosetta, sure would like to test the intel version!
  15. Has this always been a unibin since the new iMac came out or just recently? Is Front Row running on anyones machine?