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  1. thanx alot, will look around to c which release has more compatible drivers 4 me, dont wanna have problems with EFIbootloader thou, im a mac n00b. thanx again
  2. Hi all, I know that this was probablly asked a million times and I know many of u r tried of n00bs disrupting the thread, but am getting lost in so many threads with 50+ pages and cant really find an answer... I have an Dell Inspiron 1520 Centrino Duo 2Ghz (Intel mobile core 2 duo t7300, sse2,sse3,ssse3,em64t) 1gb Ram (2 x 512 ddr2) nVidia 8600M GT alot of free space on hdd, also i have an external hdd thru usb. I have dual booted before osx10.4.8 Jas/xp on IBM R50 (sse2) Is there any chance Leopard runs on vmare or ms virtual machine? if not, Can I dual boot Leopard & vista? What is the name of the release (Jas, uphuck, TOH)???? I'm not asking a link, ill search for it. Is there a guide somewhere? Ill deal with the mouse and visual stuttering later, just boot it first. I have acronis dd and os selector. will download anything else I would really appreciate if some1 would help me or point me in the right direction. Pleeeeeaaasssseeee thanx cheers
  3. Intel Wireless driver

    macintized, would've done that if i could but i cannot boot mac to acces terminal, i was asking if i could uninstall it 4m the boot menu like -v or -s or somethin, thanks anyway. tried -s but then all files are read only and i cant login somehow. jalavoui, thanks alot 4 all ur help much appreciated, i wanna install your new driver but i cant boot mac, it crashes. I would b glad to post my logs since few users update you on 2100 and i only posted once, will do that if i could just boot mac. remember Im a complete noob abc123 level mac user Version of iwi: Intel PROset/Wireless 2100svn latest, the version just b4 the 1 u posted 9/oct/2007 iwi message logs:n/a Mac OS X version: 10.4.9 What you were doing when the bug occured: cannot boot, black screen, must restart Kernel version: ???? IO80211Family version:??? thanxs.
  4. Intel Wireless driver

    hey all iv tried 2100b driver and I get a kernel crash [black screen of death] every time Mac boots. im a complete noob in mac, is there a way to start mac in safe mode like windows so that I can uninstall the driver. thanx
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    hi, I a complete noob in mac, I just installed it 2 days ago and I've never seen a mac desktop b4. Anyway the only thing thats not working is the wireless card intel 2100b. so i thought I'd post my logs 2 help. Version of iwi: Intel PROset/Wireless 2100 rev 481 iwi message logs: attached Mac OS X version: 10.4.9 What you were doing when the bug occured: nothing it just never gets a mac address, doesnt find networks, only action that works is turn off led, it turns off but the network selector still says its on Kernel version: ???? IO80211Family version:??? thanxs. dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt