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  1. OK, So I tried booting with the following options: -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 npci=x3000 And it still hangs. I created another boot USB without deleting the Intel drivers via transmac (same boot options) but it hangs as well... Thanks for all your help so far.
  2. Downloaded to USB form teh link and ran the package, continue, continue, not much to it. re-doing with -x as we speak
  3. thanks, some progress... pops up to the Boot: menu where i enter the above boot options but it hangs on IOBlueToothHCIController:SetConfigState calling registerService
  4. another update: I've found the "Choose Start Disk" utility but when I choose the HDD and click Restart (and confirm restart) it doesn't restart
  5. Update: I can choose to boot from the USB stick and then choose the hard disk and it boots up correctly. But a normal reboot to Internal HDD just stits there. I suspect i've got to do some post install steps, any ideas?
  6. Hi all, Been a few years since I've done a hackintosh build, my old Dell Mini 9 is still plugging away So, I've picked up an old Dell e4310 latitude and have been trying to get OS 10.8 installed. So the install works fine after the following chances. 1. removed the following from System/Library/Extensions ATI = ATI* Intel = AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelSNB* nVidia = GeForce* NVDA* 2. used the following boot options -x -v -f graphicsenabler=no cpurootuid=1 3. new HFS partition GUID 4. change SATA in bios to ACPI. It seems to install fine but when I reboot the cursor just flashes in the top left hand corner! Any ideas what to do. Thx. ps: Apart from my dell mini 9 (with its puny hard disk) I dont have access to a MAC.