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    Site Issues

    Thread view counter hasn't worked since summer? Fo example here, there are posts with no views but has replies. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/152-lan-and-wireless/
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    Also imo the sensors should be under the device the sensor is located. For example in HWinfo in Windows there is device and it's sensors below like this: CPU: Intel i7-7700K Package temperature Core temperature ... Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z270N-WiFi CPU heatsink temperature Ambient temperature ... Now on HWmonitor for example the CPU heatsink temperature is under the CPU and if I understood correctly from the sources, it comes from the motherboard ITEIT87x.kext.
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    I would prefer that too. One thing i've been wondering also. I was a programmer on my previous life. C# mostly, so I have no idea about GUI stuff on xcode. Would it be a hard job to redo the GUI? It just seems like it's really old or not made with new GUI elements or whatever there is on apple's world. Comparing it to iStat sensors GUI for example, the iStat is much cleaner looking and much "snappier" when you interact with the GUI.
  4. Amble

    Clover problems report & features request

    Does anyone have any idea what might cause this kind of behavior? It's happening with the #1 machine on my sig. I have a clean install, everything should be correctly set up. Both iGPU and dGPU are in use to get HVEC. No DSDT just some of the Clover fixes and patches. I haven't used Lilu or WEG and only kexts I need for this to work are listed below: FakeSMC.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext Note that the same problem is with Lilu & WEG. This is quite rare, happens couple of times a month. When computer is turned of or I restart, it goes to logon screen and after one or two seconds the screen goes black, logon might return after about 10 seconds and is visible couple of seconds and this goes on and on, at the same time there might be some scratching sounds from the monitor speakers (Display port, sound is not configured in macOS to use DP). This goes on until I restart. I'm not sure if I'm imagining, but it usually seems to happen after I change something in Clover config.plist and reboot. Symptoms are almost identical I had with EliteBook 2570p (HD4000 with DisplayPort connected into this same monitor 3440x1440). When configured to 3440x1440 @ 60Hz the frame buffer memory was too small and caused the same behavior. To fix that I needed to patch framebuffer memory to 16 or 32Mb. But that's another thing, just similar symptoms.
  5. Amble

    HWMonitorSMC2.app internalization

    // Themes "Default" = "Oletus"; "Dashed Horizontally" = "Vaakasuora piste"; "No Grid" = "Ei ruudukkoa"; "No Grid, clear background" = "Ei ruudukkoa, tyhjä tausta"; "With Grid, clear background" = "Ruudukko, tyhjä tausta"; Finnish new strings.
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    NM the CPU Package, I see it now on HWmonitor. It's just missing often with several other entries when HWmonitor is set as autostart and I have close and start it again to see all entries.
  7. Amble


    I noticed today that my Samsung 1TB 970 EVO M.2 temperature was over 80°C after gaming. I checked what kind of reading I get in Windows using HWinfo. For example when just idling, CPU Package is 40°C. While idling in macOS there's 62°C on CPU heatsink with HWmonitorSMC2. Would it be possible to get CPU Package reading? Radeon temperature is about the same +4°C compared to HWinfo. On Samsung SSD's there are two sensors, would it be possible to get both readings?
  8. Thanks, edited title. I always thought its NGFF to M.2
  9. Hi, I finally bought an NGFF M.2 adapter and tried it with 2017 iMac BCM943602CDP. I just wanted to write this since I didn't found anything about BT4.2 and incase someone is wondering about the same thing. Works OOTB, wakes up by Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. Mouse and keyboard also works on BIOS too. Adapter shipping took slightly over a week. I also bought the three WiFi and one BT internal antennas from iMac so I could get the antennas inside the case. Antennas are from 2013 27" iMac. 2015 iMac BT WiFi card is also BCM943602CDP but it is 4.1, so make sure to check that the card came from 2017 iMac.
  10. I had time do this today. Can you PM me email address where I could send these files? On the Zip I added kernel log (2.4.0 debug version), KP file and screenshot of Ethernet. On the kernel log 4.12.2018: 17:04 Restart 17:06 Sleep/Wake 17:07 Started the download 17:25 Monitor shuts down when computer goes or tries to go to sleep and then restarts. I haven't had that sort of problems with power led. Connection is 250Mbit/s. File was about 23Gb and download speed about 11Mb/s. Don't know if it was just GOG having a temporary hiccup but with the 2.5.0 I compiled I got around 20Mb/s about an hour ago.
  11. I've had an annoying problem for quite some time now, but it only happens when downloading so I've lived with it. Everytime I downloaded large files with Ethernet for example 20gb game from GOG and left the download running and came back the computer had restarted. I noticed that when Safari is downloading for a long time the computer goes to sleep and reboots. I haven't had any problems with sleep previously, only when downloading. So I noticed today you had updated the driver and gave it a try and it seems to have fixed this problem with Z270N WiFi board. I just wrote this to say thank you Mieze and maybe someone is googling the same problem and finds this helpful.
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    OT, but I have ask. I've been away from here for some time. Why should one use VirtualSMC?
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    Same here, Northbridge and ambient shows the same temperature.
  14. Amble


    I compiled just the HWMonitor yesterday. HWMonitorSMC2.zip