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  1. Hi Amble,


    I saw that you had successfully installed Mac OS in HP8570P. After much effort, I finally install mac os Sierra. But I have strange gradients, I have tried several methods, but never completely understand them. and I'm stuck
    Can you help me ?

    Thanks to you,


  2. I installed Windows today and got some temperature readings. Actually I think that RX 560 will be fine with DB4 GPU kit. While gaming I get slightly over 70 °C maximum, with Furmark slightly over 80 °C. I think that 70 °C is fine as these should handle 95 °C according to overclockers. While the GPU reading shows 71 °C in HW monitor, I get about the same on the back of the board with infrared laser thermometer. VRM's are around 50 °C from the back of the board, DB4 GPU heat pipes are about 66 °C and the side plate is about 55 °C where the heatpipes touch the side plate. Right beside that area the side plate is about 40 °C and cools down towards the edges, so I think that the DB4 GPU kit and the side plate actually transfer heat pretty well. If heat wouldn't dissipate from the side plate, I think that the whole plate should be pretty even temperature.
  3. Finally got the Streacom DB4 Passive GPU kit. It's rated at 75W max and Radeon RX 560 Aero ITX is 80W. I previously thought that the CPU side panels were hot, but the GPU side panel is something else. After leaving game running for an hour or so the side panel gets really hot, it's not even possible to keep hand on it for two seconds. Maybe about 70-80 C. I have no idea what the GPU temperature was, but I have a feeling that the GPU won't last long with this. I'll install Windows this weekend to check GPU temps (if the GPU survives).
  4. CPU is on stock settings. RX560 is still actively cooled. I have HDPlex passive GPU kit but I desided to wait for Streacom's GPU kit to save time required to get it installed. i haven't yet had time to do proper testing or measure the actual temperatures on the CPU heatsink and side plates as i've had too much work to do. For the CPU I have the standard DB4 heatpipes on one side plate and LH6 heatpipe kit on another. PSU is on one plate and one is waiting for the GPU heatpipes. So far this has been what I expected. I wanted a nice looking, fast and quiet computer for everyday work and gaming. On Prime95 it hits to 90C after 10 minutes or so. Cinebench r15 CPU test on loop goes on about 25 minutes until it hits 90C. On real word situations and CPU intensive games CPU goes to 58C max after couple of hours of gaming. When CPU has been on 58C for a long time the two side plates are incredible hot. I haven't measured yet but I think they are close to the CPU temperature and there is nothing more that can be done to the CPU cooling. Side plates just can't dissipate heat any faster. DB4 is definetely not suitable for 91W CPU if you are doing some heavy encoding but it's perfectly fine for gaming. As for the PSU it has worked perfectly when stress testing GPU and CPU. Recommended actively cooled PSU is 450. Streacom claims ZF240 = 450 actively cooled PSU and it seems to deliver what they said. Side plate attached to the PSU is slightly warm after stress testing CPU and GPU same with the side plate that doesn't yet have any heatpipes.
  5. Peke, how old is your Apple ID? If it's not new, could you try to create a new one and thest if it requires you to call Apple to use that ID? All my old Apple ID's work fine on new builds (from 2013/2014) but I haven't been able to use the new ID's (2017/2018) without calling Apple, calling them was also a dead end as they said they can't find my serial and I should send my "MacBook" for repair.
  6. One problem I noticed with the RX 560. After clean reboot I run Cinebench R15 and I get 120 fps on OpenGL. If I watch a youtube video on Safari, then close Safari and run Cinebench again I get about 43 fps. If I reboot or sleep and then wake I get 120 fps again. I wonder what causes this? Could it be because I have set dGPU only and disabled HD630?
  7. I finally got time to build this. GPU is still actively cooled as Streacom just released their GPU cooling kit and is not yet available. I'll post some pics of the cooling later if anyone is interested. Also I bought MSI Radeon RX 560 Aero ITX 4G OC as I couldn't find RX 570 ITX anywhere. Maybe it was a better option considering the PSU. On Cinebench R15 I get OpenGL 120 fps and CPU 962 cb, that seems about right I think. All and all I'm really happy with this build as everything seems to work, even wakes from sleep with the bluetooth Magic Keyboard and Mouse.
  8. I know it's rated at 250W but according to manufacturer it has ">93% efficiency levels. To put things in perspective, if the ZF240 was actively cooled, it would be rated as a 450W power supply." I thought i try if it's enough.
  9. Also, I have a spare 1TB WD Caviar Green HDD. I really don't think I use even 60GB on the 180GB SSD, but what if I add 1TB HDD and make a Fusion drive, would it slow down anything if I use only about 60GB?
  10. Does the GPU brand matter on MacOS or are they all the same? I was thinking about getting one of these: Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 OC 4G MSI Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G OC Sapphire Radeon RX 570 PULSE ITX 4G
  11. I've been using MacOS on laptops and finally decided to build a desktop. Most of the parts have arrived, still waiting for memory which should arrive next week. I wanted to build a completely passive cooling with i7-7700k and AMD RX 580 although i'll go with the integrated graphics for now until I'm sure what GPU would be best for MacOS. I'll post pics later when I start to build this. Components: Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U3417W Curved 3440x1440 Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard Mouse: Apple Magic Mouse 2 Case: Streacom DB4 GPU: MSI Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G OC Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z270N-WIFI CPU: Intel i7-7700k Additional heat pipes: Streacom LH6 CPU Heatpipe Kit for DB4 PSU: Streacom ZF240 Fanless ZeroFlex PSU Memory: Kingston 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2133 MHz Wifi/BT: Broadcom BCM943602BAED SSD: Intel SSD 520 Series 180GB (Already owned)
  12. I was wondering what model the Broadcom card on the new 2017 iMacs have? On Apple iMac specs it says BT 4.2, but after watching some teardown videos, it seems that it's BCM943602CDP (BCM20703), same as 2015 iMacs which is BT 4.1. Does anyone have 2017 iMac?
  13. Sadly it seems to be the only way for laptops without igpu. I wouldn't try to flash my laptop though.
  14. No, lspci does not show IGPU on EliteBook 8470p or 8570p.