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  1. thank you! I'll try that once this semester is over. I'm probably going to try 10.4.6, because I want the most stripped down version I can get 'cause my little x40 is definitely showing its age :-)
  2. Any ideas on how to go about this? I know OSX86 can be installed on a thinkpad x40, because this guy apparently did it: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...inkpad_X40_2386 But I don't have any USB ports except a PCMCIA card, and I can't boot an external CD rom drive from that. My only options that I'm aware of are: 1. Network installation over wired lan (I haven't seen this done, but it sounds feasible). 2. Installing OSX on another PC with the hard drive of my thinkpad, then putting the hard drive back into my thinkpad (would involve some sort of boot sector voodoo)? Anyone have any experiance with this? Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    I'm getting this too. Anyone have any suggestions? I completed every step in the first part of this thread, two different times to no avail, same error message. I'm using windows XP for the DD part, and then a JAS 10.4.8 install for the rest. I never even get a kernel panic, just that SIGSEGV code 0 {censored}. I've searched the forum, there doesn't seem to be any posts about how to fix it, apparently it just means your screwed, go do something else? my specs: Motherboard: JetWay JM26GT3-SVP AM2 NVIDIA NF6100-405 2 GB Corsair DDR 800 AMD 4000 Sapphire x1650 PRO GDDR2 (256 mb) my JAS 10.4.8 install works fine, but I can't get ilife '08 installed on it, so thats why I keep trying to get leopard to install. Cheers everyone
  4. I'm trying to install an Adaptec SCSI card on my hackintosh, currently working on getting 10.4.8 (JAS) to install, with limited success. Neither leopard or my 10.4.8 JAS install recognizes the SCSI card, I read on the forum that 10.4.4 or so had SCSI drivers, but it was left out of the newer versions. I've got an IDE hard drive, and thats working fine, but I'd really like to use my 10k RPM SCSI drive that I've had setting around a few years. I've found this on Adaptec's website: http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/support/scsi/u160/ASC-29160N/ and as you can see, they've got some UNIX drivers on there, has anyone any idea if this would work on an OSX86? I'm definitely going to try it once I get a good working installation on my part, but I'm curious to know if anyone has ever used SCO Unix drivers. After doing a bit of research I think OSX is BSD unix based? Anyone know if there is significant difference in SCO? I don't really know much about computers outside of the windows world, but hopefully that'll change over the holidays, now that I've got some new hardware to play with!
  5. hey just thought I'd post, I used your instructions and it works! Thanks so much! I'm running a Dell 1100 w/ a soundmax card... now off to make my linksys USB wifi adapter work! Thanks again, great tutorial!