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  1. Evo n620c with iATKOS v7

    Can you tell me how did you make it work?
  2. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Hi All! Sucess, finally! After Netkas's 10.6.2 installation steps I removed ATI4500Controller and ATI4600Controller kexts, and now my Gigabyte GV-R485MC-1GI works fully without EVOEnabler! This is the first time since the release of SL when dual displays are working fine with sleep/wake. Hurrah! EFI 10.5, GraphicsEnabler="Yes". Thanks to Netkas and every guy for the fine tips!
  3. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Actually, it seems to work in 32 bits. In 64 bits neither paragon, nor built-in ntfs driver is able to mount my ntfs partition. Strange.
  4. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    It's because the methods evolved with time... -If you use one display, the first post's first method is the simpliest. It still needs a few steps, but it's no hardcore hacking at all. It's very vanilla, flexible, gives qe/ci and sleep. -If you use dual display, no method will be perfect - you will need to use evoenabler + the method mentioned; and sadly this way, you will lose sleep. However, qe/ci, and all other functions are working.
  5. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    And dual displays are still not working with sleep.
  6. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    This is not working for me. Actually, my problem is not that I want rw support, I just want to mount that disk...
  7. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Hy all, I'm having serious problems with my ntfs partition mount under snow leo. I tried macfuse/ntfs3g, I have paragon ntfs 7, neither worked. I don't really care for native rw support, because I have paragon 3rd party software (still beta though...). The problem is as follows. I have several hdds in my computer, including a fully working 10.5.8 (ntfs read works natively, write with paragon 6), a windows XP, and Snow Leo 10.6.1. In SL the Windows volume can't automount, Disk Utility says it cannot be mounted and "Try running First Aid on the disk and then retry mounting.". Fstab method doesn't work. Windows ntfs bit isn't dirty. I can force the ntfs partition to mount with terminal commands (make directory in /Volumes and the mount the appropriate disk), but it is not a long term solution. Do you have an idea?
  8. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    (I hope I'm th only unlucky one, but my scores are a bit lower in 10.6.1. Not much, just a few points... And, my dock started to have artifacts, invisible, distorted icons, and such. I begin to hate system updating. In leo, with every update after 10.5.4 the system became significantly worse... )
  9. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Yes, dual display works, but after wake from sleep one screen goes black, the other becomes fuzzy and unusable (64 bit) or both screens go fuzzy (32 bit).
  10. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Hi scorcho, yes, it works but with my usual problem - if I use evoenabler, wake from sleep becomes unusable with dual screen. The Post1 method is almost perfect, except for the constant screen switching... And, if I use one monitor with Post1 method without evoenabler, the result is somewhat smoother in terms of window animation, and other qe/ci related things. So it should be the better way... well, it should be. Oh, and another addition: I recently upgraded to chameleon RC3. 64 bit which never worked for me before became usable, so I'm on 64 bit kernel now. And every video issue is the same as before.
  11. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Hi again 4850 fellows! I started from the beginning, and it seems this method is ALMOST working for me! The problem is, that while it can start the gui with dual screens, it suddenly switches to dual blue, then again gui, then again dual blue, etc. It seems like as it's constantly switching resolution. Do you have an idea for fixing this issue?
  12. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    This method is total failure for me. I need original 4800 controller, otherwise machine stops. I need ATINDRV to have gui at least, and I need EVOenabler to have dual screen. So far, there are two methods working for me (I indicated them at previous posts), one of them gives sleep, the other one gives dual screen. A perfect working solution would have: -qe/ci -dual screen support -glitchless sleep/wake -support for hot plugging/unlpugging display cord. (For changing display to tv.) And of course if you use one display only, there shouldn't be a need for dvi-vga dongle. From these requirements I was able to have just two or three at the same time. I am really unhappy with this situation... To be honest, Snow leo is quite new, so there may be a solution. But this card has never worked perfectly yet, neither on SL, nor on Leo.
  13. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Finally, I tried with a HDMI-DVI and DVI-VGA dongle combination, and yes, it works, and wakes from sleep fine. But if I connect my other monitor via hdmi-dvi adapter, I got the dual blue screens and I can't do anything until I reboot. Is there a way to enable dual monitors and sleep at the same time?
  14. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Yes, it is original.
  15. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Following your guide, I get dual blue screens. (Is it a problem, that my Chameleon Extra folder is located on another partition? - I installed sl after the blackosx guide - Kext Utility reports, that it can't make mkext from my Extra folder. From the standard s/l/e it can.)