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  1. so I have removed all wifi cards except the original one that came with the computer but still not booting sticks at the same screen i posted a while back. Trying another fresh install then if it still doesn't work I might have to call it quits on this until spring break.
  2. They are my second group the original group I was with was just me and another guy and he dropped out of the class.
  3. I have yet to have time to work on this I am currently writing a program for my group project all by myself because my two guys don't know how to program dont ask just don't ask
  4. I get much better reception and I had redone this laptop for hacking so I had 3 wifi cards internally and the one that was external. I still have it setup for hacking usually but now i had to change some of the cards out to match what is needed for the hackintosh, which is still giving me the same problem don't know if I'm going to start over or not maybe this weekend I will.
  5. lol I'll post a few pictures of mine I did it completely custom http://s293.photobucket.com/user/phibermatrix/library/?sort=3&page=1 I have also replaced the keyboard with a solid black one and removed the daughterboard that was for pcmcia express cards so that I would have room to place an external wifi card( it doesn't look that bad IMO.)
  6. Ok thanks very much man also how does it feel to be the only person on earth basically with a vostro 1700
  7. @xangel9626 On step 2 of post installation what previously mentioned kexts are you referring to? No I was saying I felt retarded
  8. sticky situation here or atleast where I'm getting stuck at on my boot from my harddrive after install of os x I have not been able to start up to actually configure it after install. I did get the harddrive hooked up to my VM and install everything that I believe I was supposed to install.
  9. I have a few broadcoms sitting around my house if you need one ill send it to you free of charge minus shipping as long as you in the US
  10. @Druvix can you please post what you did to fix everything and get up in running in order so that I can follow your lead I am stuck on the load up and crashing the same way you were with the HPET I will be trying again today after I finish classes. Thanks for everyone that has been helping on this I greatly appreciate everything you all have done.
  11. ok so I have gotten as far as starting to format the harddrive when the installation locks up and I am forced to reboot. I installed the everything as stated to do buy I am unable to start the computer with flags there is no boot loader screen it just goes straight to the installer. I don't know if I did something wrong or not.
  12. Ok guys new problem how do i download the 10.9 version. or will the 10.9.1 version work with this install guide?
  13. Ok so i got the VM up and running with SL 10.6.0 I am updating it to 10.6.6 so I can download mavericks. hopefully tomorrow I will have my second hard drive up and running osx mavericks.
  14. Hey guys sorry I have been gone so long I am just very busy just a little background here I moved from va to tx going to college now have a 2 year old and a wife so I am a little bit busy right now I will keep you all updated as this progresses but as of right now I am working on getting a friend to let me borrow their MacBook