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  1. Motionworks, you are trying to boot the installer when you get that error, correct? Have you tried this? If you have a real Mac, or another working hack with 10.11 working, trying installing to a hard drive hooked up there first. Then once installed, install clover, drag in all the kexts using kext utility. Then move the drive to your 5960x.
  2. Yes it's working perfectly! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312245-5960x-successfully-installed-under-el-capitan-10113/?p=2239018
  3. When I had a clover boot disk on Sata 5, the h4x method was the only one that would work...but it worked intermittently. But when I have a drive on Sata 1 or 2, test2 method works flawlessly. So maybe that's it...who knows....
  4. On my system, the best speedstepping/performance setting I've found yet are(I'm still experimenting): Use fakecpuid and nullcpumanagment. In bios EPU Power Saving Mode on, turn off speedstep(EIST), turbo on. C1 states on and Enhanced C1 state on. This give me fairly low wattage used in idle(around 10 Watts), but solid line in geekbench at 3.3Ghz (instead of 3.5Ghz oddly..would be nice to find a fakecpuid that made it go to 3.5...all 4 I've tried give the same result)...but it is acting like a turbo. This give me great consistent multicore scores around 27000. I'm not overclocking at all.
  5. There is no serial port on the Asus x99 deluxe. If you don't see it in the BIOS most likely means you don't have one. That's interesting... What device is your Efi clover partition on? A drive on Sata port 1? Or on your 950 pro in the m.2 slot?
  6. fullerfun

    Asus Thunderbolt PCI Settings

    Try the AppleThunderboltNHI.kext from 10.9 instead of the one from 10.10
  7. That's kind of my experience with h4x method. Randomly decides to boot some of the time. Test2 method works way better..if you can get it working... A few things you can try. Consider each of these a separate test.....this is NOT a line by line set of instructions.. Delete the Efi folder, and do a clean instal of latest clover. I recommend trying the test2.efi method right after. Move your drive to sata1 connection, and disconnect all other hard drives. Try taking out the wifi card, or moving it to other slots...see how the system responds. Go in the bios, disable anything not being used..audio, second Ethernet, extra USB ports, extra sata, etc... Capture all your bios settings, then clear the cmos. See if that effects anything. Upgrade or rewrite your bios. Could you be more specific about which version numbers to change to 9.1.1? Attach yours or an example please? Do we then have to disable the x86platformplugin? Is there a good way to tell it's actually using the x99platform plug in once booted? Also, Why wouldn't we just make these changes the x86platformplugin and put it back in ioplatformpluginfamily? Thanks so much for your insight!
  8. I've been fighting with this PCI-X99 firmware bug-clover-allocation memory problem for 1.5 years. Didn't realize it was a pci issue until recently! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304022-asus-x99-deluxe-funky-clover-uefi-behavior-f8-key-on-boot-5960x/ Did some more experimenting today. I had a drive with a clean install of 10.11.5 on it. I installed lastest clover, and used h4x's file. It worked, but only if it was the 1st boot Uefi device in the BIOS...otherwise..no dice..also error if using the F8 boot menu in BIOS. It also seemed to intermittently work. I would crash in the middle of verbose boot sometimes... So I went back to trying test2.efi. method. With tes2efi, it wouldn't work at all. if I boot to my other drive with 10.10.4 on it, which has test2.efi, I could boot my 10.11.5 system every time, no problems..or the 10.10.4 system..or use f8 boot menu..all happy. So I thought, maybe it's which sata port they are plugged in to. nope. tried every port combination switching...same deal. So I mounted the efi partition on the 10.11.5 drive, deleted the efi folder. installed clover fresh, put in test2.efi method restart. boom, now I can boot either drive any way I want, from any menu F8, boot override..and it no longer matters which drive is 1st in the boot menu list in the BIOS. No crashes on boot any more. boots everytime from either efi clover drive. None of it makes any sense. I'm not convinced at all that h4x method is very good. it seems to only work part of the time.... It may be true that something is different with 10.11.4 and greater as the blog states https://nickwoodhams...k-error-update/ , but on my system, the test2.efi method works WAY better on 10.11.5. Boots everytime. My PCI setup (maybe it makes a difference which slots and how many PCI cards are used..I have no idea) Slot 1 - Graphics Slot 3 - firewire card Slot 4 - MOTU PCI Card Slot 6 - Thunderbolt Card
  9. fullerfun

    Help with 10.10 Install Asus X99-A Please Help.

    Don't know if you ever got your system working, but the easiest way to install with the 5960x is to do it on a real Mac.... Check out rampagdev.com for full instructions.. After you install on a drive on a real Mac, leave the drive hooked up, install clover, drop in clover files. use something like kext utility to install kexts and rebuild the cache. Once done, then move the drive to your new hack.
  10. Hey Jamiethemorris, So far on my system, the xhci interrupts have only maxed out in the 300's/sec...most of the time 2 or 8 /sec...nothing like the 200,000/sec... so hopefully I think the issue is gone... I'm not using any GenericUSBXHCI and not disabling USB3 in the BIOS. I used this method from stinga11 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309717-haswell-e-5820k-5930k-installation-guide-with-full-speedstep-working/ section 5B 5.B To get all USB3.0 working you need to use this binary patch and download my X99 injector. Put the injector into the /Library/Extensions the X99 USB3.0.zip 20.68KB 301 downloads(NOTE: IF YOU USE THIS KEXT DON'T USE THE KEXTS FROM 5A) I haven't tested out how well USB 3 devices are working yet. But I am still playing around with trying to see the best performance and power management settings I can get.. I haven't decided what model and board id to use yet. For the longest time I've been using Mac 5,1 for some reason...I can't remember...but I believe a post or guide rampgedev made, convinced me to go with that 1.5 years go... I'm very reluctant to change since I have imessage and facetime working perfectly with Mac 5,1. ..and I'm afraid if I change to Imac or Mac 6,1... Apple's iMessage server will block me... So I'm disconnecting form the internet while I test others.. Anyway, Stinga11's X99_Injector.kext seems to be setup for Mac 6,1. so I edited the info.plist and changed all to Mac 5,1 Otherwise, the mac id was getting bizarrely overridden to imac.... I think it has something to do with stingaa11 using imac haswell powermanagement vectors and/or fakecpuid..but I'm a little lost sorting through it all as of now... I'm experimenting with creating my own x99platformplugin.kext still. Not sure I'm doing it correctly.. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309717-haswell-e-5820k-5930k-installation-guide-with-full-speedstep-working/?p=2232552 At any rate, I believe the xhci interrupts issue is gone! At least on x99 deluxe 5960x..with all my settings! I'd be really curious what powermanagement settings/kext you end up with once you get your 10.11 system up! Bill
  11. I'm not certain, but this new clover patch may make it possible to run any Xeon on 10.11. Give it a try... It made my 8 core 5960x finally work with it! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312245-5960x-successfully-installed-under-el-capitan-10113/
  12. I can Confirm! clover patch works with stock 10.11.5 awesome!
  13. Confirmed boot & working! El Capitan 10.11.5 Asus X99 Deluxe 5960x Brumbaer huge breakthrough man! Can't thank you enough! By the way, I did not need the acpiplatform kext rollback. Just the stock one from 10.11.5 worked for me...
  14. So, I've discovered, after much forum hunting and seeing other user's experiences, my original issue turns out to be an issue with having additional PCI cards installed. I'm sure my MOTU audio pci & thunderbolt PCI are the causes.... By adding the the test2.efi file from the below link to clover, I can boot from any menu! Credit to Nick Woodhams. https://nickwoodhams...location-block/ This is a x99 firmware problem known by the clover developers, and they have yet to make a good solution. Talked about extensively here: https://sourceforge....ot/tickets/125/ I recently updated to the latest clover v2.3k_r3526, dropped in test2.efi and boom, I can boot any way I like without errors or problems! This works perfectly for me on 10.10.5 Edit.. Turns out on my system, it totally depends on which sata port your boot drive containing clover is. test2.efi seems to work more consistently, even on 10.11.5 when I'm booting with a drive on one of the 1st sata ports. When I have a drive on sata port 5, the h4x's method worked(below)...so weird... If running 10.11.4 or 10.11.5 on an X99 board with additional PCI cards, and your boot drive is not in one of the 1st sata ports, and you get the errors, try need a different efi file h4x has created one that works for me scroll down to the comments section on this page https://nickwoodhams...location-block/ This is his comment and instructions. "h4x Good news! I merged OsxAptioFix2Drv with OsxLowMemFixDrv and it works with 10.11.4. Compiled binary (compiled with Clover r3354, tested with r3354 and r3469): https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing Put it into your driverUEFI64 folder and delete "OsxAptioFixDrv.efi", "OsxAptioFIx2Drv.efi", "OsxLowMemFixDrv.efi" and "test2.efi" if presented. I can also share the patch file after some cleanup if you need it. Basically I moved DoFixes() from LowMemFix to AptioFix2 and call it before RunImageWithOverrides(). This binary will free low memory up to 0x20000000 (512M) before run actual AptioFix2." Awesome fix, credit to h4x & Nick Woodhams! You guys rock! Bill I edited the header of this topic with these comments...hope it helps others....thank you to all...
  15. This is awesome! You are the man! Will be testing this later tonight for sure on my Asus X99 Deluxe with 5960x ! Will report back...