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  1. Toshiba Equium A200-196?

    I know it's an old post but, i eventually got 10.5.6 running on a200-26d not sure of your specs but if your still stuck i will post my install settings. Everything works wireless, sound, graphics, shutdown etc. and updated to 10.5.8 without problems.
  2. imac 24" power supply

    well, after receiving such help from the last post (not!) i found a seller and bought a psu, after fitting it found that it didn't work, but never mind as i answered my own question about the part that was missing as the new psu revealed all. I have temporary repaired my old psu (which is working just fine) until i can get a refund on the useless one i bought.. My tip for today is build a hackintosh, they are easier and cheaper to fix when they go wrong... as i converted my pc into one while i waited for the psu to arrive and its as good as any imac!!
  3. Hi all, It is a tragic day when i have to ask for help for my imac, after a couple of years of hard labour it has deserted me in my hour of most need. While playing wow (world of warcraft) for several hours my trusty mac decided that it would reboot for no reason, i thought nothing of it at first until it kept doing it every couple of minutes, after about 5 - 6 reboots i decided to pull the plug and go digging. To my horror i found the problem was the power supply, i knew this as when i took the imac apart a small electronic component was melted into the back of my LCD that was previuosly part of the power supply. I took a few moments and stared in suprise at what i saw before my eye's, then powered up my pc, after several hours had passed i was ready to surf the internet, and even more horror when i discovered that power supplies are not easy to find (unless you want to pay apple or some other repairer £75 an hour to tell me what i already know is wrong!), the only one's i can find are from the usa or are not available for weeks! My question to all out there, does anyone know where i can obtain a new power supply (that wont cost £100's) and before the ice caps melt and also does anyone have a good picture of the power supply or can identify the component on the board (there are two black components what i can only think are mosfets at the top of the psu and mine is the one on the right) so at least i can repair it while i wait for a new one as even though i have prised it from the LCD it has no marks on it, except melted plastic! I appologise for such a long post but is has been a tragic day for me... ps. just to add psu part number is 661-4478