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  1. I just read the thread about this laptop that's pretty recent and from what I gather I should try and get a revision with a Broadcom wifi card... anyone else have suggestions?
  2. So I really want a laptop that can run OS X just as a basic machine for wireless internet browsing, word processing, and for pulling images off my digital camera while I'm on a shoot or on a trip that isn't going to be painfully slow (like my old 500mhz G3 dual-USB iBook). The price tag on new genuine Apple laptops is pretty far out of my reach and I'm not very crazy about spending another cent on an older model PowerPC based Mac. Doesn't need a huge screen, firewire, bluetooth or anything fancy - just wi-fi, some working USB ports, and at least a DVD-ROM drive. Does anyone have an recommendations on a lower-end (i.e cheap! something I could easily find in the sub-$300 range would be ideal!) PC laptop that can be made into a Hackintosh with a little work and suit my very basic needs? It doesn't have to be something I can find new, I'm OK with searching out a used one on eBay or wherever to keep my costs as low as possible. I've searched the forums but all the decent threads I've found are pretty dated. I've also looked though the osx86 project wiki and see there's quite a list of workable laptops but it doesn't exactly answer my question as well or as simply as I'm hoping some folks here who've already found something like I'm looking for may be able to. Thanks!