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    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Chief, DLINK DWA-547 flawless in 32bit. However, I have added another SATA HDD to my rig and i can see it is OSX when booted but can not see it with Standard Chameleon RC3. I'd like to install Sl on it. Running Disk Utility from SL Retail Install it just beachballs! . I have created custom P5K Pro boot Cd with my dsdt and kexts but still no luck. I remember you saying that you has issues with Chameleon and a HDD you were using, what was the possible cause and or solution? HDD is Maxtor 6B200M0 (it is SATA but 150 not 300) possible issue? Bobby
  2. bobby_rocks

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Chief, It's been bugging me.......my bad, i was booting in 64bit mode and hence i needed the SUPERVIAATA 64bit compiled kext. In 32Bit mode, the one you linked to works, no problem. ahhhhh. Still on to the DLINK DWA 547 card now. thanks for your help man even if i am a bit slow. cheers
  3. bobby_rocks

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Chief, What a journey, tried pretty much everything (been learning hoe to mod kexts, didn't think you'd appreciate such a noob question) Anywho, after much trial and error and error i got something working, unstable but working. However, i found this forum topic AppleVIAATA over 4GB RAm solved on my travels and a new kext has been released SUPERVIAATA that deals with the 4GB mem issue and it works!! with the MArvell controller on our boards Seems to to stable for now (i binned all the sata entries and just left the stuff for our board <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x610111ab</string> See what you think chief
  4. bobby_rocks

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Hi Chief, or is it Master, both i suspect. Many thanks for all you efforts, i've been reading for a while and finally decided to take the plunge......got most of it going with your dsdt and kexts but i'm one of those guys still running IDE DVD drives and i gave your dsdt patch a try. Device (PATA) // Newly added PATA Device. { Name (_ADR, Zero) Device (PRID) // CHN0 (default). { Name (_ADR, Zero) } Device (SECD) // CHN1 (default). { Name (_ADR, One) } } needless to say, excellent work again and ioreg gives me this | | +-o P0P8@1C,4 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x10000016e, registered, matche$ | | | +-o IOPCI2PCIBridge <class IOPCI2PCIBridge, id 0x1000001b4, regist$ | | | +-o PATA@0 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x10000016f, registered, match$ But thats as far as it goes and for the life of me i can't get any devices recognized, no matter what AppleVIAATA i manage to download, mangle or generally fudge up. Did you manage to get it any PATA DVD drives working with this kext or only the LS120? and if so can you post the kext please?