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  1. I need help i have snow leopard 10.6 with 10a432 build retail dvd, and i made a dvd image of it, so i can add the latest mac update everytime i install snow leopard..
  2. Sl1m4

    Convert Mac files to windows

    convert programs to windows.......
  3. how can i convert mac files to windows?..
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    Burning leopard DMG in Windows XP

    To Repair Leopard Image & Burn It <Try This> 01. get leopard 02. get MacDrive 7 03. get HDD or (Virtual Drive) 04. Put Leopard on da HDD 05. open MAcDrive and select repair partion and burn to a Blank Disc And it Might work, I try myself but it requires alot of VRAM to extract to da HDD
  5. Sl1m4

    Burning leopard DMG in Windows XP

    Help! i have leopard on my windows xp and i would likt to burn it, i have problems to open it, someone told me dat i need disk utility where i can find da disk utility to make it work!!! i already bk my files and everything im just going make a fresh install and no i do not have external hard drive or ipod...